Polo clutch - Dwight Van Driver
'T' Reg 1.6 GL Polo Estate.

Accept (a) clutch pedal not depressed
(b) clutch pedal pushed to floor.

If clutch operates at point almost at (a) between (a) and (b)
is this indicative that clutch is on its way out?

Polo clutch - DL
Not always......

Engage 4th gear, raise revs to 3500/4000 rpm and feed the clutch in - does the engine stall? If so, the clutch can be deemed to be serviceable. If the engine doesn't stall, then I'd say the clutch was 'knackered'.

Remember to do this with a hot engine.
groups.msn.com/honestjohn/problems.msnw?Page=1 - Pictures say a thousand words.....
Polo clutch - Peter D
If you have a cable clutch on this model then it will have an automatic adjuster. Press the cluth all the way down and slip you foot off the pedal the the automatic adjuster will take up any cable slack. Regards Peter

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