Trade in value for X-Trail - jd
I like the new Subaru Legacy/Outback. I've had several Subaru's in the past and I love them.

Now I can afford to get back into one after a couple of lean business years.

Took my year old X-Trail 2.2 Diesel Sport to my local Subaru garage who I have known for some 10 years and asked them to give me some figures for trading into an ex-demo Legacy Outback (top spec).

Gave me the figure of £6250 to change. Based on the list price of £25,500 less a couple of grand - £23,500, this gives a trade-in on my X-Trail of £17,250.

I paid £17500 for the X-Trail a year ago.

This seems a good deal and I am surprised at the (relatively) high value given on the X-Trail.

Any comments welcome as this would seem to buck the trend of horrendous 1st year depreciation.

Trade in value for X-Trail - flatfour
Take it! if it was my Saab 9-3 they would laugh and ask you to park it around the corner. I'm seriously going to look at an X-Trail next time around.
Trade in value for X-Trail - jd

Good car the X-Trail but nothing like as nice to drive as any reasonably sporting car.

X-Trail is solid, fairly economical, sensible even - but not exciting or very different. Residuals seem fairly amazing in my case .... £250 depreciation in one year ?!

I read something somewhere today that Saab wish they could replicate what Subaru do from a mechanical/reliability point of view, now Subaru are getting sorted on interiors ( I think they have an ex-Alfa guy on board) they could mean business with the new Legacy,


Trade in value for X-Trail - No Do$h
Subaru are getting sorted on interiors ( I think they have
an ex-Alfa guy on board)

So you can expect the fuse box cover to drop off on the first speed ramp.....

And yes, I have an Alfa

Trade in value for X-Trail - hillman
>GM SAAB has just launched a new model in the States which is a rebodied Impreza.<
I read somewhere that GM has a big enough interest in both Subaru and Saab to tell them to get together and cross fertilise. This seems to go a little way to confirm it.
I'm still awaiting a brochure on the new Legacy which was promised me by my nearest dealer. I somehow don't think it is going to come.
Trade in value for X-Trail - jd

There has been a printing problem with the Subaru brochures.

I managed to downline one from a European web-site but to be honest, you are better off seeing one at first hand and then having a drive. The brochure is just the usual fluff.

Having owned several Subarus in the past, I wasn't expecting much for the new Legacy. I often said to my dealer that when Subaru get overall design (interior and exterior) sorted out, they will have a product with much more overall appeal to compete with the classier-feeling European products.

In terms of sheer driving involvement and enjoyment, not many come close to Subaru.

Now with the new Legacy I think they have made this jump across.

Forget the brochure - go and see one.

Trade in value for X-Trail - hillman
O.K., jd. I'll do that. After that glowing description I will recommend you to Subaru for a sales bonus! They should have you on the team.
Trade in value for X-Trail - jd

I would be interested in your opinion as and when you view the Legacy - please let me know.

As for a bonus - well, that would be nice as it's my birthday today !!

All the best



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