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Is there somewhere I can find out at what age, height, weight a child is safer in the front passenger seat (with the benefit of air bags, pre-tensioners etc.) than in the rear.


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I would have thought that the rear seat is safer for any passenger than the front. Some cars have seatbelt pretensioners and full lap-sash belts for all 5 of the rear seats these days and some cars have inflatable side curtain airbags that include the rear passeger.


Ian L.
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I seem to recall reading somewhere that the front passenger seat is the most dangerous seat in any car. Keep them out of it as long as possible I'd say, but if they can use the back seat without a child seat then it's down to how much whingeing you can stand.
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Thats why they've invented TV screens for the back now isn't it :-)

Doesn't do much for the children's social skills but it keeps them quiet!
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there is a fair bit on the AA website - link below - though I didn't find it particularly clearcut on the precise points you raise.
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Likewise at

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your vehicle handbook should tell you. I think the Mondeo says ten years old in the front without a booster cushion
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Will depend on the size and weight of the child - they all grow differently! My 11-year old daughter is taller than her 13-year old sister, and both are almost as tall as my wife.
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I think the present law is 12 years of age and the driver is reposible to ensure they wear a belt in the rear upto the age of 16. then it is the individual who is liable. Also read this :-

Long And Short Of New Belt Law

Parents will need a tape measure at hand when the UK adopts new car safety laws. The European Parliament has ruled that all children up to 4ft 11in tall must wear child seatbelts until they are 16. The aim is to give kids better protection, as they can slip out of adult belts. The legislation will be enforced within two years.

Article from: Auto Express

Regards Peter

Children - when in the front - Peter D
Passengers must use a sash and lap seat belt if available and the lap belt only is not to be used if a sash type is available
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Doesn\'t matter who the passenger is, how old, how big etc etc. The safest place to ride in a car is the rear centre, followed by rear pass side, then rear drivers side, then front passenger, then driver.

In terms of when children should be allowed to ride in the front, the latest advice in the US is that the child should be 140cms tall or more before being allowed to ride in the front passenger seat. This is to ensure the airbag doesn\'t snap the childs head off. Up to 120 cm tall a booster seat should be used.

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Don't forget that US airbags are simply enormous when compared with Euro airbags and have to inflate at a much higher rate. This is to allow for the many states where the wearing of a seatbelt is not mandatory.
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It's the lower half of the US bags which are bigger to take account of no seatbelt and to try to prevent submarining. The top half of the bag is essentially the same and the same basic recommendations still apply.


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