high miles mk2 polo..engine wear? - steveo30
hi huys just registered here
anyway,ive got a 1.3 1988 polo..its done 130k but seems to have been looked after..anyway i get this rattle when the revs are around 2-3k stationay...cant hear it while driving
it never uses oil
tappets dont tick on start up
cam looks unworn
rocker box is clean..not black
it doesnt breath oil into the aircleaner

is there any known probs with that engine...it sort of sounds like worn big end shells...but wouldnt that do it all the time and the tappets would tick cus of the low oil pressure?
high miles mk2 polo..engine wear? - madf
could be a worn timing chain: with no load at revs moves around.. with load does not. Or crankshaft moving forwards and backwards on its bearings causing chain to hit something..


high miles mk2 polo..engine wear? - madf
oh and by the way, welcome.


high miles mk2 polo..engine wear? - Big Cat
There is no timing chain on this engine, just the usual belt.
I have a 1988 1.3 Polo with 126000 miles on it. Expect some problems:

1. Pierburg carbs are notoriously difficult to set up correctly and genuine replacement parts are running out fast, according to one fule specialist I used.

2. Hydraulic tappets go any time after 100k

3. Head gasket

4. Hall sender!!!! And VW are still having problems with these things!!!

Good luck - you may need it.
high miles mk2 polo..engine wear? - Big John
Sounds like a touch of piston slap?
high miles mk2 polo..engine wear? - Big John
Also, just in case, check that the cambelt is at at the correct tension and not rattling against the cam cover. Remove the cam cover and see in the noise goes away.
high miles mk2 polo..engine wear? - Peter D
Hi, I'm with big John on this one my daughters polo did exactly the same thing t was almost like pinking but retarding the timing did not reduce it. Had the head off due to a failed head gasket and the bore wear was amazing low. No sign of scoring or aluminium smearing put the head back on. Runs perfectly whent to 92k then onto a new owner and has done anopther 20k faultlessly. Still makes the same noise just at one specific RPM. Regards Peter
high miles mk2 polo..engine wear? - Peter D
Does your noise only come from the lower left ( Cam belt end ) The oil pump on this car is chain driven and usually never fails, or does the noise mcome from the whole engine. Put a nong screw driver on the head to block jointing surface and stick your ear on the handle and listen to it when you rev it up, then come back with your finding and describe the noise. Peter
high miles mk2 polo..engine wear? - steveo30
thanks guys..thats given me some things to look at...i fitted a new belt with a new w/pump while i was there..i guess it could be a touch slack but i was worried about having the pump under to much tension..anyway its tensioned right by the book,but yeah it does falp about a little if you watch it

never thought about the oil pump..

and suprisingly the carb seems right..starts nice etc

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