TLAs and other acronyms - patently
OK, I only started posting a short while ago so apologies for butting in with stupid questions, but....

Who or what is SWMBO?

And does anyone know any other useful abbreviations? There must be some amusing ones to justify a thread?

I've worked out BR, by the way (sorry: btw).
TLAs and other acronyms - volvoman
It should be patently clear that SWMBO stands for: She Who Must Be Obeyed. :-)

I can't recall it but someone'll be along in a moment and post a link to a site that explains them all for you.
TLAs and other acronyms - scotty
I can never read SWMBO without thinking of Rumpole.
TLAs and other acronyms - Pugugly {P}
He is almost a role model. SWMBO would have something to say if I dared to compare her to his SWMBO. She is a read only BRer
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acronym finder
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As you're fairly new here, maybe you haven't seen the "Forum Search" facility, just below where you log in/out?

Here are a couple of previous threads on the subject.

TLAs and other acronyms - patently
Oops - I only found the site search, not forum search. Will try harder in future.

Own SWMBO was not impressed by the translation and has forbidden its use. I hope she's joking else now I'm trapped in a logical conundrum.

TLAs and other acronyms - A Dent{P}
Perhaps fellow BR'ers can help you out and come up with a suitable alternative. For the life of me I can't think of one at the moment though. Why not let SHMBO do it even!, what would she prefer.
TLAs and other acronyms - patently
My only suggestion was SHMBOEIMON - She who must be obeyed except in matters of navigation.

That didn't help...
TLAs and other acronyms - madf
SWIOU - She Whom I Obey Unthinkingly?


TLAs and other acronyms - THe Growler
What simpler than "EI" ('Er Indoors)?
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Quod erat demonstrandum: she has achieved the desired result.
TLAs and other acronyms - No Do$h
I think you are caught on the horns here!

Only a female could instruct you not to use an acronym describing your need to follow her instructions.
TLAs and other acronyms - Dynamic Dave

I thought not.

Ask Honest John

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