Backroomer Ids - BobbyG
The topic re blue neon lights in lorries to "allegedly" identify gay drivers made me wonder.

Would it be possible to get a signal / sign printed for us backroomers in the off chance that we are passing each other? Over the years Beetle drivers, caravanners etc etc have acknowledged each other - what about us?

Perhaps even a simple and discreet sticker for the rear window, I'm sure someone could think up a suitable slogan??
Backroomer Ids - Marc
Maybe HJ will start his own "Back Room" merchandise range
Backroomer Ids - HF
Backroomer IDS?

Good lord, I had no idea we had someone so eminent as the former Tory leader posting amongst us. I am racking my brain (ok it's addled enough I know) as to what tag he is posting under.

As for recognition, BobbyG, well a car sticker would be nice, but to be perfectly honest I think that the regulars on this site are so positioned that it's pretty unlikely we'll ever have the fortune to just pass by each other on a road.

A pity, yes, but when you see the diversity of the locations of HJ site people, I just don't see it happening.

Having said that, I would be very proud to sport an HJ Site sticker on my bashed up Astra.

Backroomer Ids - BobbyG
HF, but the number of backroomers will continue to grow! Also, would that not make it all the more interesting if you did see someone else.

Having said that, it might be a bit of a distraction trying to work out who it is from the car ie.

if ir was a Polo with a door sitting at a strange angle?
or a battered and bruised Astra?
or an imported Land Rover
or some species of Alfa
or a bus!!!
Backroomer Ids - matt35 {P}

"Perhaps even a simple and discreet sticker for the rear window, I'm sure someone could think up a suitable slogan??"

Watch out Watch out - the Mods are about? (rhymes with Plods).

Backroomer Ids - HF

Personally I would think it great if I could pass by fellow BR users on my journeys, and recognise them, and maybe show my recognition - it would be great! Do you really think this would work in practice though?

Matt - ok a good idea, but are you not stealing from the original 'Watch out, watch out, there's a Humphrey about?'

I will get deleted if I go on about those wonderful red and white straws, mugs, etc, so I won't.
Backroomer Ids - Slice

"Backroomer On Board"?

Backroomer Ids - Cliff Pope
It's an appealing idea, but the sign or whatever it was would have to be pretty big to spot it on the move. After all, when fellow Beetle owners etc wave at each other they are obviously reponding to the car, not a sticker in the window.
In the old days when it looked as if CB was going to become a universal national obsession I suppose that would have been a way of identifying each other.

Another point might be - does HJ actually want any more Backroomers recruited by window stickers, or is the BR getting choked up?
Backroomer Ids - DL
I don't want the place spammed and full of idiots......but I like the idea of stickers etc etc
-- - Pictures say a thousand words.....
Backroomer Ids - matt35 {P}
So thats where it came from?
It was after a few glasses of Chateau Cardboard when I thought of it - wish I hadn't now.
Backroomer Ids - HF
Of course, there's also the scenario of a rise in accidents amongst Backroomers, because we're not paying attention to the road due to straining our eyes to see if 'that' car really does belong to a fellow Backroomer.
Backroomer Ids - patently
Surely we stand out by virtue of the high standard of our driving?

After all, its rare enough....
Backroomer Ids - corblimeyguvnar
Cracking idea, but,'Backroomers on Board'??!!, would surely have some people thinking the wrong thing!
Drink Lager Talk Piffle
Backroomer Ids - DL
Good point, Corblimey!
-- - Pictures say a thousand words.....
Backroomer Ids - No Do$h
How about a sticker showing just a trilby and some dodgy aviator sunglasses?
Backroomer Ids - Wilco {P}
ND beat me to it but I was going to suggest buying an old trilby and sticking it on your rear parcel shelf.
Backroomer Ids - A Dent{P}
Regarding backroom stickers, I sent an email toHJ on this subject earlier this year.
My thought was that the sticker would say something like ?Backroomer 2003? and have a space for your ID to be penned in. A fiver purchase price would have been required of course!. (No lets not start a funding thread again please!).
Anyway HJ thought that it would be too time consuming for the revenue raised and we would be left with stacks of unwanted stickers. Judging by the response to the summer meet up, he was spot on. I still think it would be a good idea if it could be made to work.
Backroomer Ids - corblimeyguvnar
What a brilliant idea, anyone know any printer types who can get this sorted?, I'm off to search the www for any info.
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Backroomer Ids - corblimeyguvnar

£4.00, good starting point??
Drink Lager Talk Piffle
Backroomer Ids - A Dent{P}
Still requires someone to organise it, i.e post the things to responce of an order etc etc, but looks half way there.
Maybe the company could produce to order directly. It would require HJ approval for he must have copyrights to the logo.
Anymore thoughts/problems?
Backroomer Ids - topaktas
" Keep BACK - give me ROOM" would serve the dual purpose of identifying BRs and highlighting BRs' obsession with tailgating.
Backroomer Ids - edisdead {P}
Slogan suggestion:

"If you can see my pink fluffy dice you're too close."

Although I believe something like this has been put forward before.

Backroomer Ids - L'escargot

If you can catch me up, you are welcome to tailgate me!
L'escargot by name, but not by nature.
Backroomer Ids - corblimeyguvnar
That company website says £4 inc vat n delivery, I think for 28x10cm, once/if copyright is sorted and the logo/wording is agreed etc and the company have the format, surely its in their interest to post out to individuals on receipt of payment?, or am I being very naive here?
Or there could be some sort of deal for a discount if they are bulk ordered, problem then being how many to order, how many BR's are interested(I'll leave that to an expert, anyone?), delivery etc (i.e what the Dent says, organisation!).
Aint life complicated!

Drink Lager Talk Piffle !
Backroomer Ids - Hawesy1982
In the meantime, if anyone wanted to search out their nearest BackRoomers, i ran a thread a couple of months ago entitled "Where are you from" which had an incredible amount of responses
Backroomer Ids - smokie
I'd guess the logistics are not as bad as they may look. I bet there are no more than about 50 regulars here. I'm doing a similar thing with t shirts on a website I moderate, and I hadn't realised how few people said so many words... :-)

So, cheques and a stamped addressed envelope to No Dosh... :-)
Backroomer Ids - Wales Forester
You can put me down for a discreet sticker ;-)

HF, check out these links if you\'re a Humphrey fan;

Beware 56k people.


{please note, each file is approx 600KB in size and you\'ll need Real Player to view them. Rather than clicking on the links, if you right click on one of them and select \'save as\', you can then save the file to your hard drive and continue browsing the backroom while the file is downloading. Repeat for the other three files - preferably downloading one at a time though. DD.}

Jump & wave - Citroënian {P}
I'm all for waving a people in cars - it's worth being an early adopter though.

When we first got the new car, everyone with a MINI (NB - rarely "old Minis") would wave and/or flash. Then a bunch of middle aged ladies got their hands on them and they started a rot of not waving that has spread as there are more on the road.

How's about making the sign of a hat and/or avaiator glasses to fellow backroomers?

PS - why has HJ stopped floating on the left of the screen?

MINI adventure in progress
Backroomer Identification - Hugo {P}
How's this for some suggestions:

BackRoomers do it behind the scenes,

Backroomers do it on the forum/net

My other car is - find out on the backroom!

Watch out for *That Astra* on a motorway near you! (reference HF on the M25 - scary thought) ;)

Mind that Polo - she had enough trouble getting it fixed last time!

For Pink Fluffy Dice sake - Mind your Language!


Value my car