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Battery on the wifes car is still the original and at 10 years old is likely to need replacing this winter.
The existing which is a Unipart and is labelled 12V,680/135 Type 096
In the Haynes manual it reads 680amp /135minutes reserve capacity.
Can anyone interpret that for me to the normal amperage size which I shall need.
battery information - Sooty Tailpipes
096 is a very common size, so you should have plenty of places and makes to choose from. I would think 680 amps is the cold cranking amps,
096 Varta specs...
Battery Capacity [Ah] 74 typical
Cold crank current, EN [A] 680 typical
Length [mm] 278
Width [mm] 175
Height [mm] 190

battery information - wemyss
Thanks Sooty..I didn't realise that 096 was an actual size and that makes it easy.
battery information - Spanner Jack
096 isn't actually the size, it is the battery reference number.

Go into any car parts shop and ask for an 096 battery, and you will get the right one.

The reference number is specific for the voltage, size, terminal orientation and cold cranking power. All 096 batteries are of equivalent specifications.

However, you can get budget and premium versions. Always go for the better quality ones. Usually with a 3 year guarantee. The budget ones have a one year or maybe a two year guarantee.
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Goto to an independant car parts place and but a Bocsh Silver 096 battery. The indepenants often give the best price but check around , Buy, Fit and Forget, Regards Peter
battery information - Sooty Tailpipes
Yes, have to agree, I have Varta Silver which is exactly the same as the BOSCH silver one bar for the label. It has amzingly low voltage drop during cranking, and plenty of reserve power/
battery information - wemyss
Thanks guys. The dimensions given above for the Varta 096 happens to be identical to the Unipart existing one which as I commented earlier was 10 years old last month.
Still working perfectly but preparing for the expected this winter.
Tongue in cheek I may have found the elixir for extra long life in a battery.
It is a sealed battery but have always prised the top cover off and topped up with distilled water and it does actually use some.
Two or three winters ago I did this and reached for the white plastic bottle off the garage shelf and topped up all the cells. Should have had my glasses on cause just as finished I read Wilkos washing up liquid which I use for scrubbing the concrete floor on the identical type bottle.
Damm?. took the battery off and down to the local battery supplier. Dropped it on the garage floor and said ?what would be the result of topping this up with fairy liquid? An old mate he read the situation very quickly ?don?t know?there?s no one in town thick enough (or similar) to try it. Anyway he flushed it out with an hosepipe refilled with acid and its still going strong. Are patents easy to get??
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Would`nt worry the acid would kill the detergent.Don`t know what gas it would produce though?

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