Long journey preparation tips - David Horn
I'm driving up to Manchester tomorrow from Devon - weather's rumoured to be nasty but no idea what the traffic might be like! I've done the trip a few times before but first time in the Xsara diesel.

Any tips for long motorway driving? Should I be checking anything in particular before setting off? (eg, oil level (half full), screenwash, power steering and brake fluid, tire conditions etc)

Would you recommend taking anything in particular in the car besides a blanket and coat? (Which I carry anyway.)

All advice appreciated!

Long journey preparation tips - mlj
I did this today from Cornwall, and back again! Well, not quite to Manchester but only about 50 miles short.
You seem to have the sensible precautions well in hand. Traffic was busy without any hold-ups. Weather was awful, heavy rain and pretty windy.
I would suggest you accept it is going to take 5 hours plus, leave in plenty of time and take two or three breaks.
If it is like today weatherwise a spare bottle of screenwash is not a bad idea. The water is free at M-way service stations but it is the only thing that is!
Have a good journey.
Long journey preparation tips - Armitage Shanks{P}
1. Blanket or warm coat
2. Shovel
3. Torch
4. Up to date road map
5. Charged mobile phone
6. Spare fuel (to keep the engine/heater going in a snowdrift)

What else can people add to this quick list?
Long journey preparation tips - Dynamic Dave


However, you may also have to take a trailer if you want to include *all* the items in this previous thread.
Long journey preparation tips - Pugugly {P}
Flask of tea. Not Coffee as it is a diuretic and will de-hydrate you in a crisis. NO alcohol either for the same reason.

Fully charged mobile fully credited.

I always have a portable radio in my overnight bag.

If you have access to a handheld GPS take it.

Thermal blanket - keep one in all the vehicles we use.

Long journey preparation tips - jeds
Take a mobile and a credit card.

Value my car