Skoda Felicia losing power - Beaks
My wife drives a 1997 1.3lxi Felicia and it has served her well since new.Recently it has been losing power,as if it is not firing on all cylinders.It has been suggested to me that it may be worn HT leads.If this is the case could i, as a complete idiot be able to change them or is it a trip to the garage?? thanks
Ona seperate subject i recently had to have the battery replaced and have not got the code anymore to sort out the radio.Any advice ??
Skoda Felicia losing power - David Davies
You will find it is very easy to repace the plug leads on your Skoda Felicia and they are very likely to be causing the misfire.If you are new to this I'd replace them one at a time so you don't lose the firing order.They are very similar in design to a 4-cyl VW set,if you have trouble getting OE parts.While you're at it it would be a good move to renew the distributor cap and rotor arm,again very easy to do.
David Davies (Tune-Up Raglan)

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