Festive wishes - volvoman
Well it's certainly been a very mixed year for all of us here at Volvo Towers but Christmas is nigh once again and I'd just like to say best wishes to HJ, the mods. and of course to all of you - the people who make this site what it is. We might not agree with eachother all the time but I'm sure we all wish everyone else here well. Take care everyone. Hope to 'see' you all in 2004.

volvoman, skodette & the boyz from Brazil
Festive wishes - Anglesey Ian

...Ditto and the same to you volvoman

Festive wishes - nick
Best wishes to all, and more power to HJ's elbow in keeping this site going. May it go from strength to strength (this site, not HJ's elbow). I look on here every day and post most days, is that sad?

Merry Christmas! (very non-pc)
Festive wishes - wemyss
Happy Christmas to every one who visits this site and especially to HJ for providing us with this unique forum, and the moderators for keeping it this way.
Festive wishes - HF
Echo the sentiments expressed so far, and can't believe that a whole year has passed since we were last saying all this!

A very Happy Christmas to all, and a big thanks to those who make this site what it is.

Wishing you all the very best for the New Year,

Festive wishes - BazzaBear {P}
Is this motoring related?!?!
Only kidding.
Merry Christmas all, from a Newbie. :)
Festive wishes - Mondaywoe
Best wishes for a peaceful Christmas everyone and above all, drive safely - we all want to be doing this again next Christmas!

Festive wishes - flatfour
Happy Christmas, don't eat or drink too much, thanks to everyone for the banter, and many thanks to HJ and the others for keeping this great site online, may your god bless you all where ever you are.
Festive wishes - mlj
And festive wishes from a very wet Cornwall. Sincere thanks to HJ and all fellow contributors for inspiration, agitation and elucidation.
Festive wishes - No Do$h
inspiration, agitation and elucidation.

We'll have none of that dirty talk in here, thank you.

No Dosh
Festive wishes - Hugo {P}
A very merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all.

Volvoman - it's nice to hear from you again. I lost your e mail address when I got hit by that virus.

All the best - and thanks for all the advice on the Discovery - especially MM and one or two others.


"Forever indebted to experience of others"
Festive wishes - corblimeyguvnar
And a Verry Merry Christmas and Splendiforous New Year from Doon South.

If this site wasnt around I'd have to do some work, Cheers All
Drink Lager Talk Piffle
Festive wishes - A Dent{P}
Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year to HJ, one and all. Thanks also for your general edification and entertainment and long may it continue. Wishing you all safe motoring over the festive period and beyond. (Sounding a bit Buzz Lightyear-ish there!).
Festive wishes - Dwight Van Driver
To all you Backrooms alike



(not forgetting Toad if he is reading)
Festive wishes - matt35 {P}


With Best Wishes to all for a Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2004!

Festive wishes - Wales Forester
All the very best to everyone :-)

Festive wishes - Morris Ox
Here's to a safe one. Remember, it's nutcase time of year so, to borrow a phrase, be careful out there...
Festive wishes - Morris Ox
If I'm talking the same language as Growlette I'm in good company, but I think it came from that world weary sergeant on Hill Street Blues. And he wasn't even a traffic cop!
Festive wishes - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
Heres wishing a very Happy Christmas to all Back Roomers, and everyone who works to support the site.

I hope that all of you who work on cars for a living ensure that you get a few days off, and hopefully there will not be too many technical problems requiring urgent answers posted over the festive period. Normal service will be resumed - some time !

Ho Ho Ho ! Adam.
Ingat ka! - GRowlette
Please all be careful on the road this season. Someone is waiting for you back home. Nothing else matters. Nothing is more important.

God's blessings and Maligayang Pasko to all in the BR from our 7,100 Philippine islands from Big G and me. Ingat ka - means take care in Filipino.

Growlette (aka Catrina).
Fambai Zvakanaka - deltaseven
Thanks GRowlette, as they say in Zimbabwe:
Fambai Zvakanaka - go well.

Fambai Zvakanaka - DL
Nice message, I like it.

Happy Christmas to you too!

Drink plenty and eat lots :-)
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