Statistics again? - hillman
Back to page 11 of the Daily Mail again. Research reported in the British Medical Journal shows that drivers of silver cars are only half as likely to have a serious accident as drivers of cars coloured white, grey, red and blue. Black, green and brown are the worst risk.
How's that for a story? Perhaps HJ could persuade the Telegraph to put in a feature about it.
Statistics again? - PoloGirl
Guess what colour Polo is..? Yep - black!

My dad always advised against a silver car because he reckons they can't be seen in foggy/wet conditions as they blend into the road colour more than, say, a red car.

Statistics again? - Andrew-T
About 1980 there was a period when drivers were made aware that bright yellow was a very visible, and therefore safe, colour for a car - my V-reg Maxi was buttercup yellow, but I don't think that's what BL called it. After a few years the fashion died out and yellow has been a no-no ever since, except for some J-reg 205s. Safe colours are just a low priority in the fashion stakes.

Personally I think silver cars just look as though the factory left the topcoat off by mistake. And there are zillions on the road anyway.
Statistics again? - RoadDevil
What about Leyland Limeflower? A major contribution to road safety? All those beautiful ?W? reg Metro's, lovely! Was this the worst colour ever, apart from Leyland British Racing Beige (Sorry, my unofficial name, but why would anyone with any level of vision buy a beige car?).(or a lime green one for that matter.)
Statistics again? - Andrew-T
RD - Leyland limeflower was a bit earlier (~1972 I think) and a duller greeny-yellow. The buttercup I mentioned was officially Inca IIRC. There were some curry-brown (t*rd) R-reg Minis - but that's nothing to do with statistics!
Statistics again? - RoadDevil
OK, maybe I've got it wrong, but what was that hideous colour that seemed to adorn a good many earlier Metros's?

Some years ago i went to a car show where some lunatic had taken lime green wreck of a Metro and turned it into a drag racer with a 5.3 Litre chevy V8, no back seats but in perfect lime green, even with the original 'go faster' stripes - nutter!
Statistics again? - king arthur
OK, maybe I've got it wrong, but what was that hideous
colour that seemed to adorn a good many earlier Metros's?

Statistics again? - jeds
Pologirl, to be noticed on the road all you need to do is get some extra fog lights fitted to the car - don't go for the usual 2 - 4 is much better. Also a couple of blue lights in the front windscreen, and perhaps a purple neon light underneath. Apart from standing out nicely you'll gain the respect of your fellow road users as well.

I suggested this for my sweetheart's Polo. To start with she gave me one of those worried looks but then followed it up with a 'touch my car and I kill you' look. What do you think?
Statistics again? - matt35 {P}
Years ago I had an article called 'The opiate of objectivity'
that showed you could prove just about anything by sticking a percentage on something included a story about a statistician who drowned in a river which had an average depth of 17.283".
Statistics again? - Manatee
99% of people have more than the average number of legs.

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