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How to choose an automatic - polo auto
I'm looking for a small automatic to replace my J reg Clio which I bought in June and drove for a whole 5 months before the autobox failed.

I learn from this website that Renault autos are not reliable, and I know old Fiesta autos are not worth looking at - any other tips as to what to avoid? At the moment I'm looking at a 1999 Polo - do VW autoboxes compare with the rest of VW's longlasting build?

Any advice gratefully received...
How to choose an automatic - Aprilia
As a 'rule of thumb':

Renault, Ford = Bad
ZF (as per Pug. Citroen SAAB etc.) = OK
Japanese, GM, MB = Good

Japanese includes Aisan-Warner and Jatco. Aisan-warner crop up on some European cars (e.g. Volvo) and some Vauxhalls. Jatco (which is/was linked with Nissan) also crop up on some late VW (inc. late Polo, I think) and some Rover. Having said all that, someone on here posted that there had been problems with recent 5-speed Jatco auto's, but historically they have been good.

The autobox situation is quite complicated because manufacturers will fit 'boxes from a variety of suppliers.
How to choose an automatic - edisdead {P}
Sorry, I'm going to rave about how much I love my Civic again...

Go for a Honda auto. Reliable transmission attached to reliable engine in a nice car. Average 40mpg. Great combination.

How to choose an automatic - polo auto
Thanks for your advice, Aprilia. Just to show my ignorance - what's ZF? And MB?

As an add on question, what do you reckon to some advice I've received about any automatic under 1.4 being underpowered? How do all those thousands of 1 litre micras manage?!
How to choose an automatic - Chad.R
Just to show my ignorance - what's ZF? And MB?

ZF - A gearbox (and other components?) manufacterer
MB - Mercedes Benz

How to choose an automatic - T Lucas
Stick with a Japanese brand,the bulk of their cars are produced with auto boxes,they know how to make them work and continue to work.

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