Audi A6 advice - greenhey
I\'m thinking of buying an A6 Avant 2.4 SE on an X with 31K miles . I\'ve longed like the look of them but can anyone advise on:
What to look out for
Service intervals and typical service costs?
Audi A6 advice - Borafeck
Goto the car by car breakdown on the page to the left of you. It will give you all the advice you need.

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Audi A6 advice - madf
I know it\'s up to your preferences but the reports I have read said the 2.5TDI diesel was faster than the 2.4 petrol , much more economical and a far better buy..

But as I say it\'s your preference..


Audi A6 advice - autumnboy
A piece of advice.

My brother inlaw has a 2.5td A6 and has had a major problem with the fuel system costing him mega bucks.

Although the car had a full service history at a well known Ford dealer after its warranty had expired, Audi would not accept any claim or contribute for the fault that occurred, because it was not serviced by an Audi garage.

So be sure the car you purchase is or has serviced by an Audi garage, if its has any warranty left or has just expired.

Audi A6 advice - Cheeky
I have a 2.4 SE tiptronic auto which I love. Although the manual is a bit quicker off the mark, the gearbox itself is disappointing, so try an auto if poss. It has good power and pull, much better than the 1.9TDi but the 2.5TDi is much torquier. The tiptronic funtion also means you can over-ride the automatic function and choose your ratios manually.

Servicing is OK - alternates between short service and major service every 12 months, so you get a fairly hefty bill every 2 years. I recommend an after market warranty if buying used. I had a new dash board display done on this, and it would have set me back £600. Major service can be anything from £300 - £500, smaller services about half that.

All in all it\'s a good car which can be picked up quite cheaply now. SE spec is a must, also go for leather as well if you can.
Audi A6 advice - MGspannerman
I have an A6 2.5tdi, 94M. So getting a bit long in the tooth now but still performing extremely well after 60k in my ownership. I bought it from a friend who in turn bought it with only 33k on the clock. I can confirm the comments concerning torque, once on the move it is a very rapid car and also relaxed to drive. With the 6 speed box driven sensibly it can be very economical as well. The best I had was 53 mpg when cruisng on french backroads on holiday, but average about 46mpg with a degree of restraint using the turbo, which kicks in at around 2000rpm. That translates as 700+ miles on a tank of diesel. Checking the service records, other than wearing parts like tyres (27k from fronts last time round), pads and discs (about 80k) and cam/pump belts (50k) as far as I can see in 109k miles it has only needed a flexible brake pipe replaced and a fuel line set, done a couple of months ago when the return pipe had corroded and started leaking. The exhaust and battery are original. I have it serviced every 10k and it uses no oil in between. So far it has sailed through the MOT with only wearing parts needing doing. The build quality is very good and no rust is evident, everything works and it is a delight to drive. As you can imagine, I am very much a fan of the car. I have previously had a BMW 520 and before that an XJ6 and this is certainly my preferred vehicle.

Good luck with your choice, MGs
Audi A6 advice - Phil G
Just FYI, the 2.5 TDI in your 94M TDI is a straight 5, not the V6 as used in the modern A6. Great engine though.

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