QH Parts ? Good? - rg

A question has been posted on another forum by a Hungarian XM guru regarding QH parts. They are turning up in Hungary for the first time.

Do honourable listmembers have any comments as to their quality?

QH Parts ? Good? - Dynamic Dave
I've used QH (Quinton Hazell) Parts## before and have never had any problems with them.

##Track rod ends, wheel bearings, fan belts, etc.

Their website address is www.qha.com
QH Parts ? Good? - terryb
Hi Rob
In my days of comparative poverty when I was trying to keep superannuated Fords on the road I used to use Quentin Hazell parts virtually all the time. I'm talking late 70s here. The quality then was excellent and they were half the price of FoMoCo equivalents. No recent experience though I'm afraid.

QH Parts ? Good? - Aprilia
QH have been going for donkey's years. When my dad started up in the motor trade in the early 1960's they were around. He used no end of their stuff - I think they were OEM suppliers to what used to be the British motor industry.
QH Parts ? Good? - Garethj
They still do supply what's left of the British industry! QH supply their own thermostats in Massey Fergusson boxes.

QH Parts ? Good? - SjB {P}
Throughout the Eighties and up until the mid Nineties when I had my first company car, I often used QH parts on my cars and those of my father and brother. Never had a problem, and always found them to be at least as good as OEM, probably because like Aprilia, I recall QH being suppliers to the British motor industry.
QH Parts ? Good? - Robin the Technician
QH is a highly reputable company who I have dealt with on a reugular basis for many years. They are one of the largest suppliers of steering/suspension/brake etc parts in the motor industry. They supply many OE parts to manufacturers, so I would be more than happy to fit them to mine or any of my customers cars. Good quality at an affordable price- you can buy with confidence.

Hope this helps.

These are the views of Robin the Technician with 35 years in the trade. I fix, therefore I am...
QH Parts ? Good? - DL
QH make some great quality parts IMO.

I recently fitted a timing belt & tensioner kit from them to my A4 TDi. Somewhere in the region of £50+VAT

The tensioner and the jockey wheels supplied had EXACTLY the same markings and manufacturer stamps upon them as the OE Audi supplied parts [Which I promptly returned!] Only the cambelt had QH markings upon it, but I assume most belts come from a very limited range of belt manufacturers, so no worries there whatsoever.

For instance, the automatic cambelt tensioner from Audi is £31.79+VAT, the belt is £27....need I say any more? I think the product speaks for itself.

Well done QH
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QH Parts ? Good? - Sooty Tailpipes
I have used steering parts and waterpumps from QH, and had no problems, they also supply manufacturers as OE under the "moprod" brand.
QH Parts ? Good? - R Higson

Up until 2013 they were good

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QH Parts ? Good? - R Higson

Its now 2022 and QH was bought out by Tetrosyl in 2013 and off shored most of its manufacturing to China. Brake pads from QH are apparently highly black carbon filled - perhaps sintered old chinese car tyres crushed into brake pad shapes? cover your nice alloys with black dust v quickly . half price than other after market makes on Weebay. perhaps for a reason? cannot comment on other parts.

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QH Parts ? Good? - bathtub tom

I bought some Moprod brand disc pads - total brake fade. Vowed never to darken their door again.

QH Parts ? Good? - Big John

My previous Superb mk I was fitted with a QH Front suspension bottom ball joint circa 2013. It was rubbish and lasted a couple of thousand miles. Garage fitted a replacement QH that failed quickly. Eventually OE fitted that I'm aware has since covered another 90k miles and still going strong.

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