New Style Tax Discs - Victorbox
Is it me or does anyone else think the new style UK car tax disc expiry dates that came in from September are more difficult to read than the old ones? The shiny gold numbers & letters may be more difficult to copy (I assume by computer scanning), but especially when behind a shiny plastic disc holder they seem to me to be more difficult to read. Not that the police or traffic wardens around here seem interested in the old style out of date ones anyway, unless they are having a special clamp down!
New Style Tax Discs - SteveH42
I don't think I got an answer to this last time, so I'll try again:

Why do some cars still get the old-style tax discs even though there are new-style ones going around that were issued earlier? Is it just a case of Post Offices using up old stock before they start on the new, or is there something else?

(I've seem vehicles taxed within the last month on old-style discs while the new style ones seem to have been out 3 or 4 months at least)
New Style Tax Discs - Dwight Van Driver
Just renewed mine for Jan 2004 (not going to get 80 extra quid off me) and saw the PO Clerk zap the renewal form bar code then the new Licence. She confirmed this married the two up for DVLC and electronic update would take place during the silent hours.

So if you get an old style licence it could be that the issuing office have not as yet the new technology.


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