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Sold my old car and had £10000 to spend on new one. Went to local Honda and Toyota Agent who stated that they were not interested in giving any discount as they preferred customers who took out their financial packages.

So I went to one of the Honest John\'s listed internet dealers and had car delivered (Toyota Corolla) by transporter to my door in a week.

Saved well over a few thousand pounds.

Honda Agent telephoned on the date of delivery of my new car offering £500 off a demonstrator model.

I told them I had bought a new car from the internet and they requested details of the internet site in order to pursue a pricing policy of Honda that there is no discount on new vehicles.

Need less to say I did not give them the internet site or tell them I had bought a Toyota Corolla.

Is Honda unfairly fixing the prices of new cars with their dealerships? and not permitting any discounts ?


There\'s no need to SHOUT..... I\'ve changed the title to sentence case rather than caps. ND
No Discount - Car Franchise Dealers - madf
Report Honda to the Office of Fair Trading OFT. UInder EU law that is illegal.. IIRC...


No Discount - Car Franchise Dealers - Thommo
This might be a knock-on from recent actions in the jeans and motorbikes market.

Levis won a case against Tescos that by Tescos selling Levis \'cheap\' (that is non-recommended price) it was \'damaging\' its brand and Tesco\'s had to stop selling them. They were US sourced and the issue of them being EU sourced was not explored.

Honda used this case to threaten the parallel importer of Honda motorbikes (which were mostly EU sourced). The chief parallel importer chickened out, as well they might against the power of Honda, and the case never got to court but Honda managed to close down most of the parallel imports of Hondas in to UK. However, it did them no good as all other brands were still being parallel imported and if Honda had reverted to list price they would have destroyed their market share.

Perhaps Honda are now trying to do the same with their cars but I predict ultimate failure again as they\'ll just price themselves out of the market.

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If they are trying to fix prices they could lay themselves open to a HUGE fine from the EEC.I would report what happened to the DTI.
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Interstingly enough the Tesco/Levi affair encouraged all the major UK supermarkets to sell their own brand jeans.. at substantially lower prices than any branded goods.

Want to buy jeans from George (Asda) at £6 or Tesco? You can.. And the net effect is that the \"fashion\" retailers who sell similar goods cheaply (Matalan for example) are seeing their markets virtually destroyed by price competition from the supermarkets on volume clothes..

The \"Law of Unintended Consequences\" means in consumer goods if someone attempts to keep prices artificially high, then someone will find a way to undercut them..

Just wait until the Chinese and Indian car manufacturers start volume production of well designed cars..


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I take it your do not have teenage children Madf, if you did you would know that the brand is all..
No Discount - Car Franchise Dealers - madf
Thommo.. they buy their own...:-)


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\'[Daihatsu]...makes cars to make money. Unfortunately, with the exception of Honda, this is the Japanese way\'
Jeremy Clarkson, Dec 14th 2003.

\'Hmmmm\' Thommo, Dec 18th 2003.

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