Omega V6 thermostat : Where is it ? - Shep
My Omega is not reaching operating temp very quickly and I thought as a "shot in the dark" I would simply replace the thermostat to see if this corrected the problem.

I have changed a number of thermostats in the past and it has always been very straight forward but nothing on this 180k mile V6 is evey easy and straight forward.

It is not obvious to me exactly where the thermostat is !!. both of the main connections to the rad lead to some very inhospitable places on the engine so much so that I cannot get to or see anything which resembles a thermostat housing.

Does anyone know where I can find this thing and also advise me if I should even attempt this.

Yours hopefully

Omega V6 thermostat : Where is it ? - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
It nestles deep in the Vee about two hours in. You will need to remove the inlet manifold, injectors, ht leads. I wouldnt attempt it. Get a quote from Vauxhall masterfit.
Did one on a 2.9 V6 Scorpio today.....10 minutes!!
ps; for a giggle ask how much the stat itself is!!

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Omega V6 thermostat : Where is it ? - rileyrm
Hi Shep, I had problems with my thermostat on my V6 after the "3 way valve" failed (YOU MUST READ EARLIER COMMENTS ON THIS IF NOT AWARE OR CHANGED YOURS) The failure resulted in coolant loss and cooking of stat.As someone used to Viva 2 bolt stats of the 60s I was told the V6 was a nightmare job due to bits that may have you running up and down to the parts dept.I believe the main dealer charged around £450 for the job on top of the service. That did include a lower temp fan cut in switch.BUT does your temp go into the red? Just rising fast would not have worried me, just keeping it down was the problem.
My only comment is I have to pay dearly for a really luxury high performance car, the likes of which Vauxhall have now finnished with for good sadly.


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