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Some kind soul told me both my rear lights were blown last night. As far as I can tell, the reverse, brake and fog lights still work but even after replacing both rear light bulbs, they don\'t work.

Any ideas before it gets dark again please? I can\'t avoid driving tonight.

Thank you!
Lights... - terryb
Sorry, I don't know the first thing about Polos, but my immediate reaction would be a fuse? If you have the handbook it should tell you where to look and if 1 fuse covers both rear lights it's a pound to a penny that's what's gone. If it's 2 fuses, one for each side, it's less likely but still worth a check.

Lights... - Steve Pearce
Probably a blown fuse, check the handbook.
Lights... - PoloGirl
Thanks... I've checked the book and each side has it's own fuse. How likely is it that both have gone at exactly the same time?

Lights... - Malcolm_L
Difficult to figure out without a wiring diagram, but try checking the earthing for both bulbs.
Even a simple bulb and wire test will tell you if current is getting to the circuit board.
Whilst each side has it's own fuse - have you actually checked the fuses?

Lights... - Ppaul
It might be an idea to call the VW dealer and speak to a mechanic in their service dept.

If it's something they've heard of before they should know the solution.

Lights... - PoloGirl
Thank you all - problem solved and I can go out tonight!

I wont embarass myself further by telling you what the problem was, but it was a lot simpler than a blown fuse!

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Oh go on Pologirl, it's 4pm on a Wednesday i could do with a giggle.....
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Aw Go on!

Did you change the wrong bulbs?

Ian L.
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Have a quick look at your fuses while it is still daylight - if I remember correctly, you need to open the drivers door, and there is a flap on the 'end' of the dashboard which unclips or requires prising open

there is a little diagram on the back of the flap which MAY help you identify which fuse is which, or the blown fuse(s) may be obvious

if not, there should be a little pair of orange tweezer things for pulling fuses out, and you may have to check them all. Don't take all the fuses out at once, do one at a time and make sure it goes back in the slot it came out of.

If you find one or more fuses blown, get some replacements or spares - halfords/any motorspares/even a dealer (might be worth getting some spare bulbs while you are there). If new fuses solve the problem, keep an eye on the lights incase they go again, and if they do, it's either off to an auto-electrician or back to the backroom

hope this helps

Bora - what Bora ?
Lights... - solara
I assume you knocked the wires off the brake light switch in the footwell.
Lights... - PoloGirl
Ok ok... Yes, I was changing the brake lights, which had been working fine all along, when actually I discovered that what I needed to change was the smaller tail lights.

In my defence, the bulb the bloke in Halfords told me to use said Stop/Tail on it, so I just changed the bulb that looked most like it - had to go back and buy a smaller pair later on.

Good job really, because I couldn't work out how to get the fuse thing out!


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