bonnet Mascots. - mal
Am I correct in the belief that bonnet mascots were in the past banned for obvious saftey reasons?.

The reason for asking is that today I saw a brand new Jag parked up with a chrome Jag mascot addorning the front of the bonnet.

I shudder to think of the kind of injury this would inflict on an unlucky pedestrian!.


bonnet Mascots. - Dwight Van Driver
Reg 52 MV (Con and Use) regs 1986.

No mascot, emblem or other ornamental object shall be carried by a motor vehicle first used on/after 1.10.1937 in any position where it is likely to strike any person with whom the vehicle may collide unless the mascot is not liable to cause injury to such person by reason of any projection thereon.

Also covered in EEC74/483 EEC79/488 EEC Reg 26.01

MB get away with it because they lack Viagra - the wheel bends does it not.

There is also under the same Regs another catch all - parts and accessories in such condition as likely to cause danger. I seem to recall it was this later one that led to the demise of the cat at the front of a Jag but may be in one of the EEC Regs.

bonnet Mascots. - henry k
The reason for asking is that today I saw a brand
new Jag parked up with a chrome Jag mascot addorning the
front of the bonnet.

Jags are the worst offenders. I have seen lots of them.

If I recall right then have a look at a cetain royal's Aston you might see a frog but its on the outside next the windscreen so thats all right then. A Polo rider mascot seems to come to mind too.
bonnet Mascots. - Aprilia
These were banned a long time ago. My grandfather ran a garage from about 1920 up to the late 1960's. He is long dead now, but I remember him telling me of car accidents where these things had caused terrible injuries to pedestrians - ripping great lumps of flesh out of people. Consequently they were legislated away.
Lets hope anyone fdriving with one fitted is given a pull and a fine.
bonnet Mascots. - Graham
So you did the decent thing then and reported it to the Police?

Oh you didn't bother....
bonnet Mascots. - mal
See it parked in the same place most days outside where the owner works.

Do you think I should?.

Would they be bothered enough to investigate?.

Would they see me as a responsible member of the public or some busybody wasting their time?.

bonnet Mascots. - matt35 {P}
I had an e mail last month from a UK company offering me a 'legal' mascot for the X Type - spring loaded and said something like 'Print this out a leave it around for your family as a Christmas gift idea'.
Apart from leaving a hole in the bonnet when nicked - they are naff looking and spoil the line of the car...they are fitted to all US cars, and they LOVE them.
bonnet Mascots. - Andrew-T
If the Americans LOVE them it can't be long before the non-thinking over here LOVE them too.


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