Autocar experience - Mickey Dora
Has anyone else checked out Ben Oliver's on-line article on the "Autocar Experience" web site on what to do when tail-gated in the outside lane on a motorway? I wonder what Backroomers make of such advice from the much respected motoring magazine?
Autocar experience - AdrianM
Well, it\'s a nice thought!

The disturbing thing about the article is the complete lack of humour. If it sounded tongue-in-cheek it would be OK - I\'m sure many of us agree with the sentiment. However, it comes across a little too soberly, like he really advocates it.

Still, if it comes from a respectable motoring publication, it must be good advice. So M27, A34, M4 tailgaters beware, tomorrow morning I\'ll be driving with renewed, self-righteous belligerence.

Here\'s the article - can\'t seem to make it a \'link\', perhaps a Mod can help?

{Link looks ok to me. DD}

Autocar experience - THe Growler
With all due respect what a pathetic article.
Autocar experience - SR
Agreed, Growler.

The alternative would be to let the idiot behind get on with it in the hope that eventually a) you'll catch him up again, b) he'll wrap himself round a concrete bollard somewhere and c) your blood pressure will benefit immensely.
Autocar experience - Jazzmag
mmm, I wonder how many pile ups Ben and his followers will cause? Yes tailgaters are annoying. But that's all they are. I feel the best advice is to ignore them. Deliberately antagonising a motorist that obviously has little respect for you, or the safety of those around him, can only escalate matters.

How would you feel if you followed Ben's advice, caused the idiot behind you to skid, resulting in the death innocent people around you? Thought so. Same as me.

I experience tailgating with breath taking frequency because I 'dare' use lane 3 when overtaking in my ancient Pug 309D oil burner, which tops out at around 85mph, the poor old girl! I just can't accelerate fast enough to satisfy the suicidal desires of the loons desperate to get in front. My technique is just to ignore their frantic flashings and pull back into lane 1 as soon as I safely can. My life is far too precious to me to sink to the level of dangerous game playing.

And for Ben's advice about deliberately re-entering lane 2 when the vehicle undertaking you enters your blind spot - is he really serious?! I think I'll treat the article with the respect it deserves: I'll print a copy off and put it at the bottom of my cat litter tray.

Autocar experience - madf
the writer obviously is an advocate of raod rage and as such is as bad as the people he is trying to frustrate.


Autocar experience - THe Growler
Growlette is my personal saving grace when the old red mist starts to occlude logical reasoning in these circumstances.

Whatever his problem is, she says, why do you want to be part of it? Let him go. Oriental wisdom over Occidental ego-fume.

Where I live you can derive a lot of harmless satisfaction in these situations when you arrive at the toll plaza exit off the expressway to find Mr Testosterone is queued 5 cars back in the "Cash/Coupon" Line, while you have prepared the right amount to sail without obstruction through the "Exact Toll-Absolutely No Change Given" booth, naturally with a friendly wave to a fuming Chummy.

If toll roads are the future in Britain, perhaps you will be able to share such simple pleasures...

Regardless, the message is that retaliation brings you to the same level as the idiot who's provoking you, and please don't create your own accident statistic. Which is why I find the Autocar article most irresponsible.

Autocar experience - Clanger
Growlette is right; move over and let them have their accident somewhere else.

The venerable Autocar is demeaned by publishing such piffle.

Stranger in a strange land
Autocar experience - paulb {P}
I am SO glad that my subscription to Autocar pays for the production of this kind of drivel. Not. And he says he does this in a mucked-about-with 911 Turbo. God help us!

Frankly, anyone idiot enough to actually follow Master Oliver's advice shouldn't be too surprised if they either
a) cause a pile-up, for which they will be held largely responsible; or
b) get chased up the road, barged off it and beaten to a pulp (or worse - remember Kenneth Noye?)

Yes it's annoying to be flashed when you're overtaking; but then a lot of other things in this life are annoying, too, and few of them are that important, in the long run. Don't get an ulcer over it; just get over it.
Autocar experience - arnold2
I agree - bad article - the 'dab on the brakes' technique can only work if idiot behind has either good attention and/or good brakes - and yours are too !

If he starts flashing lights etc, push your rear-view mirror up so you can't see him ! (and re-set them afterwards).
Autocar experience - SR
If anyone tailgates me, I'm afraid I would just drop back and leave a bigger gap between me and the vehicle in front to compensate (assuming I can't get into the lane to the left). This will no doubt annoy them more, but it'll keep everyone safer.

Is this article an indication that the statement in the original post about Autocar being a respected publication is not as true as it once was?
Autocar experience - Jehovah
Washing your windscreen is a very effective (non-aggressive) way of irritating tailgaters into pulling back a little out of your mucky spray zone.

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