Bob Gerard? - Chris7
Has anybody out there bought a Honda (CRV?) from Bob Gerard LTD in Leicestershire, if so, what was your experience? Thank you.
Bob Gerard? - Manatee
Yes, two - a CRV 2.0 SE Sport Auto that's nearly a year old now, and a Civic bought in mid 2002. Both have had zero defects.

I considered various importers and rejected all those who ask for a large deposit before ordering the car, which then arrives 6 months later if you're lucky (that didn't leave many). BG has physical and pipeline stock so delivery can be immediate or short. I paid a reasonable deposit to secure the car (less than £1000) by credit card, so it was protected, and the rest on collecting the car, so I had no worries about my money.

Both cars are Cyprus imports, so non-EU although both are Swindon built and came with certificates of conformity. You provide BG with an insurance certificate and they register and tax the car just as with a UK dealer. Being non-EU the only risk you take is with warranty - BG "matches" the Honda UK warranty. I am not unduly concerened about that, especially as they are Hondas.

They did everything they said they would, on time and I thought they were a pleasure to deal with. There were some annoying trim marks in the luggage area of the CRV caused by a hamfisted tow bar fitter, but I can't really hold them to blame for that and chose not to complain, the prospect of sorting out a cure at that stage being worse than the disease.

The CRV is UK spec, though a non-UK colour (my choice). The Civic was described as an SE "plus", the plus being alloys and climate control, so effectively Executive spec without the leather. This was ideal for us as SWMBO does not like leather seats, and it wasn't possible to get one with cloth and climate control from a UK dealer.

Obviously price was the attraction. Both cards are autos, and the savings were better than on manuals - auto being as I recall about £500 extra with BG v. £1000 more on the UK price list.

Bob Gerard? - Chris7
Dear Manatee, thank you very much for your honest reply it was very helpful to me, I myself have just ordered a Honda CRV SE Sport Auto and hope to pick it up the first week of January.
Bob Gerard? - Manatee
My pleasure, I have only spoken as I found - I hope everything goes OK and you get on with the car.

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