tax cameras or speed cameras? - leerichmond21
what is them vans with the 2 cameras pointing out the top of the van doors, are these tax cameras or speed or both?
tax cameras or speed cameras? - guvnor
that is an ANPR (automatic number plate reader), it reads every numberplate that passes it, processes the plate through a computer in the van and if your plate has any \"flags\" against it... ie no tax, wanted in regards to a hit\'n\'run, known drug dealers motor etc etc then you\'ll get stopped further down the street by a coppa....
tax cameras or speed cameras? - leerichmond21
does it detect speed aswell or not?
tax cameras or speed cameras? - pdc {P}
no.not yet
tax cameras or speed cameras? - guvnor
no, no speed check on those vans but the database they use is massive an not neccessarily just \'stolen\' motors, your reg could be on there for a number of reasons....

The way to get around it IS to have slightly smaller digits on the front numberplate....

most coppas tug ppl with dumb rear numberplates which imo is fair enuff BUT the ANPR can only read front plates and the font size has to be spot on.... so to never get your plate read by the machine you just alter the font on the front plate a bit... or add a few screw holes to mess it up... but i wouldnt recommend this as its probably illegal ;)
tax cameras or speed cameras? - Mark (RLBS)
>>and the font size has to be spot on

I suspect that is not true. If the font size was important, then the distance from the number plate would also be critical. A car even slightly further away or closer would appear to have a smaller or larger font size.
tax cameras or speed cameras? - AR-CoolC
There is also the piont that the camera would need to be square on to the car if the font and size were that important, but the camera sits to one side of the road so then the camera is at an angle to the plate.

Sounds like another of those urban mythes.
tax cameras or speed cameras? - Dwight Van Driver
Have as yet to have a close inspection of this all singing, dancing, automatic collar feeler but IF as Govner says altering Index size to fool the machine then surely it would flag up a non standard number and thereby a definate pull.

tax cameras or speed cameras? - doug_523i
They seem to be targeting people with mis-spaced plates, so there must be something in it.
tax cameras or speed cameras? - Dynamic Dave
does it detect speed as well or not?

If it is a speed camera van, then it has to display a speed camera sign on the van somewhere. This sign may only be the size of a postage stamp though.
tax cameras or speed cameras? - Pugugly {P}
In practice the system is monitored by humans. Anything that doesn\'t compute gets pulled and a dodgy plate attracts an on the spot fine.
tax cameras or speed cameras? - Peter D
The two cameras on stands are often used to read the rear plates on busy traffic sections and people are recieving warnings regarding incorrectly spaced characters on the 3 times and your out discuused on this form some time ago. On the third warning you loose the registration at your cost. The system checks all details, speeding fines, parking fines, etc. etc. Regards Peter
tax cameras or speed cameras? - James_Jameson
It's good to know that real felons drive cars that can be monitored and traced. I'd have thought they would drive a car that came across as legitimate or at least registered to a false address in a false name. Silly me.


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