Slush boxes and caravans - Thommo
My uncle is a keen caravanner but is getting on a bit and fancies an automatic.

There is a Nissan Silvia on offer that he likes.

This is a 1.8 auto and a small car. He owns a small 2 berth caravan but it is very old (and so)heavy.

I think this is madness. I do not believe that autos and caravans mix in any case as you do not have the control you need. Plus as small a car as this is not designed for towing and I belive he will just destroy the torque converter.

Am I over reacting?
Slush boxes and caravans - terryb

I'd disagree with you on autos and caravans, I've towed with auto VWs, Citroens and now the Jeep and it seems to me that auto boxes are ideal for towing. Also, the Caravan Club Towcar of the Year is more often than not an auto.

However, your uncle does need to seriously consider weight ratios, if he's getting on a bit sticking close to the 85% guideline would be sensible. Also he needs to find out the manufacturer's towing recommendations for the Silvia, whether it would need an oil cooler and what is its gross train weight limit.

I detect from your post that he's not had an auto before. It might be as well for him to get used to one solo before he starts tugging with it.

But of course as far as the older generation is concerned, we "kids" know nothing. This applies whatever your age!

Slush boxes and caravans - Thommo
Mr. T,

No he's never owned an auto before but I never drive anything but so I'm being consulted as the auto 'expert' for some reason.

But I have never towed a caravan. Good to here that its possible, by 85% rule is that the caravan should weigh 85% or less than the car?

Will check on manufacturers recommendations as you say.
Slush boxes and caravans - terryb
That's right Thommo. Caravan MTPLW (or Max laden weight in old money) should be 85% or less than the car's unladen kerb weight (ie car, average sized driver and full fuel tank). This is the recommendation for safe outfit matching although it is technically possible for experienced towers to go to no more than 100% match (but I've towed close to that limit and it ain't much fun!). All this is of course subject to the car manufacturer's published towing limits.

Slush boxes and caravans - madf
I drove a Jaguar XJ6 auto and pulled a caravan: the only problems I had was filling the twin tanks.. at 15mpg it took 20 odd gallons every 300 miles..

Mind you I thought it towed well on Motorways at the legal limit:-)



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