rain and headlights - Imagos
surely a situation even more irritating than the boys who drive around with there fog lights on (at least you can see 'em)

its the morons who drive on dual carrigeways and motorways in driving rain and spray with no headlights at all!!!

it must be high time for a law that states when you have your wipers on your light go on too?

forget the mobile phone law sting each and every one with a thirty quider..

its time we had a purge.
rain and headlights - Civic8
I was under the impression that the law said if poor lighting conditions.Raining/Fog/Snow the dipped beam must be used.And is an offence not to use them.I have seen the police in my area pulling for not doing so.Though not often
rain and headlights - Sooty Tailpipes
The laws already exist, it's just there's no-one to enforce them. Even much more serious crimes are now ignored (like the people who reported a bunch of armed gypsies in his village in the Telegraph recently and were told to keep away from them but the Police daren't do anything)
rain and headlights - PR {P}
I agree, and almost as bad are the morons who put their sidelights only on! That means you can see them, but only when they are about 6 feet away!
rain and headlights - doug_523i
And those with only one headlight, foglight, or those who use their rear fogs 'cos they haven't got around to replacing the dead bulbs in their back lights. Or the ones carrying a heavy load who don't know what a headlight adjuster in the cab is for, yes you, the Avensis driver on Thursday!

While I'm grinding my teeth down, why in this day and age do I have to take my life in my hands to overtake a lorry in the wet, don't they have mudguards? I think if a few of the worst offenders had to park up until the rain went off they'd soon find an answer.

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