H10 bulbs? To fit a Renault fog lamp. - BobG
I run a fairly new Renault and am looking without much success for a replacement bulb for a front fog lamp ( no rush cos they only get used abou twice a year ). The bulb is quoted in the owners handbook as H10 which is what is stamped on the plastic bayonet fitting integral with the bulb. I have tried the uaual outlets for a bulb with no success - even my local Lucas branch say they have no such bulb on their lists. It looks very similar to a 9006 type. Is this another main dealer job or can I get one of these bulbs somewhere else ?
H10 bulbs ? - No Do$h
A bit of googling came up with the following info.

also known as
9145 [alternate 2]
H10 [alternate 1]
H10 [alternate 2]

Hopefully this will help you track down the lamp you are after.
H10 bulbs ? - bertj
Try www.powerbulbs.com
Brilliant (no pun intended) firm!
H10 bulbs ? - Dave N
I think you'll find they're main dealer only at the moment.

Powerbulb.com don't stock them.

Whatever happened to 'normal' halogen bulbs? Now you get blue light, white light, extra vision, all weather, extra life - extra rubbish, more like. What they all seem to have in common is 'extra money'.
H10 bulbs ? - BobG
Thanks, I'll try the cross refs but I expect I'll have to be charged an arm and a leg at the main dealer
H10 bulbs ? - DL
I'd agree - these may well be OEM only...
groups.msn.com/honestjohn/problems.msnw?Page=1 - Pictures say a thousand words.....
H10 bulbs ? - No Do$h

$7.99ea on the internet plus shipping from the states, but....

The Ford F150 uses these lamps for foglights, as does the Jeep Grand Cherokee so you may be able to find something suitable by cross referencing with these.

Be aware that although the identical looking 9005 will fit, it is 65w as opposed to 45w.... The 9006 also has in identical mounting and glass envelope but has a dark cap on the glass for use as dipped main beam only.
H10 bulbs ? - No Do$h

Any luck with finding these elusive beasts?
H10 bulbs ? - BobG
The only ones I can find come from the States and the wattage is quoted at 45W - the one from my foglight has 55W stamped on it. I take it that it must be some Euro-version of the bulb so I'll just have to bight the bullet and go along to my local Renault dealer with a large wad of cash !
H10 bulbs ? - PhilW
Or, if you don't need them immediately, how about asking someone going on a booze cruise? - they're probably available in a French supermarket for 99p each! Or even the Renault dealer in Calais.
H10 bulbs ? - kennybase
I\'m off to France tomorrow - back on Monday - would be willing to have a look if you wanted me to.

Would the mods be able to pass on my email address? {Done. DD}

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