Anyone used micronetshowroom? - YoungSeicento
I am looking to purchase a new motor (C2 GT) via a Broker, but have anyone here used micronetshowroom of Nottingham as their broker for new cars before? Would like to know what the service is like etc.

Anyone used micronetshowroom? - Colin M
Please search the newgroup archives at using the word "micronet" and also make a call to Nottingham Trading Standards office before you make a decision.

Anyone used micronetshowroom? - DavidHM
Normally when people ask about brokers, I say it's just like buying from a dealer and there's nothing to worry about.

This time though, I don't think I'll comment.
Anyone used micronetshowroom? - YoungSeicento
Thanks, I will try that.
Anyone used micronetshowroom? - No Do$h
All sourced through Google. I can't vouch for the content of the latter two links as they are google newsgroups but the newsgroups in question are accessible to anyone carrying out a search on the web.

An article in the Times on importing cars including one person's experience of Micronet.,,3824-726246,

Some less than satisfied customers showroom&

Some interesting information on the owners of Micronet

Anyone used micronetshowroom? - YoungSeicento
Thanks NoDosh :)

I have now written an email enquiring about lead times and pricing, however 1 thing I have asked is about a quote that I've got from them - just asked them to make sure that the quote is "Fixed" and won't be effected by the Euro as its a UK sourced car from the local Citroen Dealership. I don't want to find myself in the place of some of the other people who had price hikes due to the euro going up/down.

When I get all of the info together, I will be off to the local Citroen to see if they "wishful" can match the quote that Micronet gave me. (To be honest - £1500 off list price? - could I get that at the dealership, as I have never haggled a new car salesman before).

Ta all

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