Hyundai?? - flatfour
Called in at my local Hyundai dealer today, hey they look ok, 5 years warranty, fuel consumption ok, prices very cheap, the salesman!!!!! said we don't get them back for warranty work, they just don't go wrong.
Anyone had any experience before I part with my hard earnt dosh????
Hyundai?? - Dynamic Dave
A previous discussion on them is here:-

But obviously things have moved on since when that thread was posted - technology, reliability, etc. I know two people that have had older Hyundai's though, and never had any problems with them.
Hyundai?? - Aprilia
Colleague owned a Hyundai Sonata 2.0 auto for five years. Only thing that ever went wrong was the idle control valve at about four years (common problem, apparantly). Most of the mechanical & electrical bits seemed to be from Mitsubishi. He really liked the car.
Hyundai?? - ajit
500000 of them in India - operating under abusive and demanding conditions - no one has any complaints and they are proactive. Mind you the cars are not inspiring to drive but they are great VFM - we await the Getz with interest
Hyundai?? - carl_a
I noticed one Hyundai dealer is now offering new Getz 1.1 Gsi for £5799 including 3 years servicing and the normal Hyundai things such as 3 years RAC & the 5 year warranty.

Now I recon that?s worthy of going in the Honest John 'Weeks Best Deals'!
Hyundai?? - THe Growler
Reliability/build quality: as good as it gets, no cause for concern.
Cred/residuals: may be an issue in Britain. Not here in Asia, where they are well regarded. Their Starex MPV's in particular beat anything else on the market I've ever seen for looks, fitments and performance.

Hyundai?? - Garethj
A friend had several engine problems with a 2 year old Hyundai estate, I think eventually a change of head gasket was needed!

As with any car, just because they're mostly reliable doens't mean that you shouldn't make the usual checks or inspections. This is for used cars, for new I guess that the feeling you get from the dealer is more important and how he'll treat you if something does go wrong?

Hyundai?? - peterb
The new Coupe has been criticised (!) for looking like one of the front engined Ferraris.

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