What makes you walk away. - Stuart B
As a follow on to the Dodgy traders thread below, what general danger signs do others watch for if looking to buy a second hand motor.

I will suggest one of mine, maybe totally illogical, but I avoid places that seem to be attached to a body shop like the plague.
Re: What makes you walk away. - Darcy Kitchin

Hey, welcome back.

I look for a place where the staff treat their wares (the cars) with respect ie no door slamming, sitting on the wings, kicking tyres, bumpers etc. and especially no full throttle 30 second warm-up antics. Tyre squealers (brakes or take-off) are out.
Re: What makes you walk away. - Chris
I like second-hand dealers that will find the car you want and let you look at it before it gets the boot-polish treatment. Then you can tell how long there has been grease on the hinges and bonnet catch, for example, and so get a better idea of whether it's been looked after. Can't stand it when they clean the engine.

Re: What makes you walk away. - Tom Shaw
Painted tyres. Utterly pointless and tacky. Makes me think of Arthur Daley whenever I see them.
Re: What makes you walk away. - Alwyn
The garages name stuck over the existing number plate to hide the original supplier. If they won't spend a few pounds on a new plate, what else are they skimping on?

I always buy at fleet auctions anyway. If I can't sell the old car privately, it is cheaper to throw it away and with the money I save on the replacement, still be in pocket. Why pay £2000 extra for a car with a guarantee which very likely won't be honoured.

Me cynical? yep.

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