n reg fiesta diesel starting nightmare - saturdaysusedtobefun
Help!! Car always started 2nd or 3rd time in morning (has for last few years). Last weekend (when first real cold weather arrived) started taking about 15 mins. Next day-would not start. Engine turning ok but no smoke from exhaust etc. Eventually started with help of jump leads (but there was no combustion noise for ages) After work took it to garage who renewed all glow plugs. Next morning would not start at all. AA came out. Said battery was okay but no current(?)at plugs.Found a glow plug touching a bracket( had happened at garage) which he said was earthing it and preventing enough electric getting to plugS(?). He fixed this and renewed wire. Started as soon as he did this and has been starting instantly (ie better than ever) since until this afternoon when i changed the fuel filter. It did start a few times initially but then died- turning fine but again no smoke at exhaust and unable to rev. I even put the old filter back on - it started but then died within about 20 seconds. No smoke from exhaust since. Im hoping a friend is coming up tomorrow as i am clueless with cars- any pointers- i have searched through the old threads on here already by the way. I have also changed the air filter (before aa came out) and oil filter (this morning). Help. Its doing my head in.
n reg fiesta diesel starting nightmare - king arthur
What procedure did you follow to change the fuel filter? Did you bleed the system on completion?
n reg fiesta diesel starting nightmare - saturdaysusedtobefun
No, my mate said just to swap the old one for a new one!! Could this be whats wrong?
n reg fiesta diesel starting nightmare - dieselnut
From experience, some diesels need bleeding & others don't. Have no experience of Fiesta, but sounds like it does need air bleeding out of system. There should be a manual pump like a rubber ball in the fuel line near to the filter. Loosen the fuel cut off solenoid ( has wire connected to it ) on fuel injection pump & squeeze manual pump until you see fuel free from bubbles from the loose solenoid threads. Tighten solenoid & engine should start after a few turns.
n reg fiesta diesel starting nightmare - saturdaysusedtobefun
Thanks very much for the replies so far. Ill have a go at this tomorrow. As I have now put the old fuel filter back on could anyone tell me the correct procedure for putting the new one back on (which i should have done in the first place!). I also appreciate im a bit thick when it comes to cars and if there is another forum more at my level please let me know!! Thanks again.
n reg fiesta diesel starting nightmare - dieselnut
You probably made a good job of changing the filter in the first place, you just didn't bleed the air out. Make sure you change the o rings supplied with the filter & check that everything seats properly before bleeding.
n reg fiesta diesel starting nightmare - DL
No need to refit the old filter; remove the new one and brim it to the top with diesel fuel.

Refit it and attempt to start the engine. After a few cranks it should be fine.
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n reg fiesta diesel starting nightmare - saturdaysusedtobefun
Thanks to everyone for there help with this. I should have put fuel in filter before changing! We got fuel through and then some air had to be despatched but it has started each time since.
Fingers crossed!

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