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Hi chaps, not read this forum for ages now but it's good to be back. I hope the backroom still has its old charm and backroomers that are happy to help!

My mate has a Xantia Diesel and it appears the glow plugs are knackered (bad starting). My question is, how difficult is it to change the plugs and do we need any specialist tools? Any pro tips?

Cheers chaps,

Mark Nightingale
a.k.a Markymarkn
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Firstly are you certain its the plugs?

Try giving the plugs two bursts of heat before starting, and leave them 4 secs after the light goes out.

If that improves the starting then it is the plugs, assuming a good battery.

Most important advice would be soak in WD40 before trying to remove them i think if you snap one of its not good news.

Someone cleverer than me will be along in a sec to agree/correct me.
Xantia Glow Plugs - solara
You will need the correct size deep reach ring spanner to get at the glow plugs. No use trying a deep socket set.
IF its the same engine as the pug 306, then the leftmost glow plug is a pig to get to, due to poor access caused by injector pump.
I cant see a snapped glow pug causing a problem, as the top bit is usually ceramic, thread and nut is all one metal piece.
Take usual precautions of not dropping anything in the glow plug holes by blocking them with a clean rag.
Might aswell test them once they are out, just to confirm your suspicions. Do the usual resistance test (around 1 ohm is good), open circuit is bad. Also check glow plug tips for pitting, and should glow red after about 5 secs on connecting to battery (hold with pliers!).
Replace them with good quality glow plugs Bosch/Beru.
Xantia Glow Plugs - Quinny100
Having done this job a couple of months ago, I can tell you first hand it can become an absolute nightmare!

The first 3 (from the gearbox end) can be removed fairly easily with a ring spanner and a bit of persistence. A magnetic pickup tool proves very useful for recovering the nuts that drop off when you remove the electical connection.

Its the one behind the injection pump that causes problems. On my Xantia I could just get a spanner on it as the coolant feed pipe runs about 7mm above the hex section of the plug. The plug was in extremely tight, and as I got a turn on it it the spanner hit the coolant pipe and broke it off. Its aluminium, very thin aluminium at that (they have obviously modified the part because the replacement had a much bigger pipe and it was in a slightly different position). Replacing the plate and pipe is a swine of a job as you cant get an allen key (yes, they would have be allen key bolts where normal would be fine!) straight in to the bottom bolt. I ended up spending nearly 2 hour tapping it free with a cold chisel. Eventually got it out, got the parts fairly quickly and then had another nightmare tightening the bottom bolt back up. In the end I cut an allen key and used some copper pipe for leverage.

If you're going to do it for a friend be very careful. Somebody has since mentioned you can get them out with a 1/4" ratchet, universal joint and deep socket. I am sceptical that this would fit on my car with the original pipe in place, with the new one it probably would just about.
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Also done this job. Main recommendation is to buy rachet spanners. Makes job much easier... Also if turbo then take off intercooler pipes to get a bit of room. Do-able, but patience you must have...
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be careful sum pugs n xantias need a special tool,like a allen key but with a nob n groove at both ends,ive changed loads and never had problems....make sure u wd40 hour b4 starting work,it aint worth testing them as there so cheap to replace and if ya not careful,youll burn ya hand(use pliers init).neway nuff said.......
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Without wishing to offend, please drop the text message lingo.

DD. BR Moderator.
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Welcome back, Mark,

Not quite the same as "the old days", but still good.

(still in L.E.?)

Xantia Glow Plugs - rg

If your mate bottles out, there is a good Cit. independent not too far from you.

Xantia Glow Plugs - Mark Nightingale
I'm surprised you remember me! I feel quite honored! Yes, still in L.E. but currently attempting to leave the nest and find a house now that I've finished uni and can earn some proper dosh.

My friend has decided to get a mechanic type mate to fit the plugs for him, since he knows not a great deal about cars he decided if you guys say it's scary, he's certainly not doing it! Being at work all day also means all jobs would have to be done in the dark - not an entirely helpfull addition to the problem!

Thanks a lot chaps. The backrooms done me proud once again.



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