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i was wondering if any one could tell me if there is any way of telling a car is insured or not hope for a reply
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The police have a computer and camera system that reads the numberplate, compares with a database and alerts the officer if the car is uninsured.

The downside is that the rozzer cannot sit on his behind, and actually needs to go face to face with a criminal. Other than that, a great police presence is required to detect and stop the offender.

Tickets can\'t be sent through the post as a car on false number plates, stolen, other mechanical/lighting defects or drunk/drugged drivers cannot be spotted by a camera.

If police were to spend more time doing visible policing and catching these potentially dangerous criminals, (it is thought that no tax, insurance, MOT often come as a bundle), they would get more respect.

All the time the police are sending tickets to people speeding at a few mph over the limit, they will be treated with contempt.
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Yeah, \'cos no-one ever does more than a few mph over the limit.....
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Au contraire, SR... very many people, probably the majority, do a few mph over the limit, every day, in places where it feels fine to do so.

A small proportion exceed the limit by a large amount, even in places where they know it is dangerous even to go as fast as the limit.

A small proportion never, ever, ever exceed the limit, but they may still crash into things. And there's probability which can't be reduced to zero that they might do more damage:
What if the chap doing a few mph over the limit spots the hazard and gets his foot on the brake earlier than the chap who's still earnestly engaged in matching the pressure on his gas pedal against maintaining his speedo needle 1mph below the limit ?

One chooses one's cap... Or token halo...

uninsured cars - SR

The "many" people who do a few mph over the limit are not the main problem, and they are not the target of any enforcement. The problem is that if a few mph are allowed over the limit, some will take a few more, and a few more, and a few more....

If anyone has to concentrate so hard on maintaining a speed within the limit, they could always try going a bit slower to give room for error - or better still go and brush up on their driving skills.

I think the choice of token halo can be made by those who criticise all and sundry for being uninsured, untaxed, having faulty lights, but then demand the right to break speed limits because breaking that law happens to suit them.

Uninsured drivers can probably find a way of justifying their actions as well....e.g., "it's not my fault insurance is so expensive", "I'm safer than other drivers, so why should I pay just because I'm young". The fact that so many people do it is held up as a case for more enforcement, but the fact that so many speed is held to indicate the law should be relaxed.

Why shouldn't all laws be applied?
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The many who do a few mph over the limit ARE the target of enforcement - by ruthless machines!

Where is the machine which automatically prosecutes a driver who is uninsured?

For that matter, where is the machine which automatically prosecutes a pedestrian crossing against a 'Don't Walk' sign?

Should someone receive a fine and points on their licence for parking on a side street (not a thoroughfare) for 30 seconds while they buy a paper, because that stubby dead-end street has double yellow lines?
A machine could do that already - I suppose it's now only a matter of time. Then we rusty-haloed will have another thing to grumble about while we wait rather longer for them to invent a machine which can automatically prosecute shoplifters and vandals.

Ooops! lunchbreak nearly over - must cease posting and get back to work before the machine squirts some more salt-water onto my headgear.
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I hope you were expecting a yes reply!.

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a yes reply to what
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Of course the law allows drivers to drive and be uninsured.

Unemployed and no insurance = token fine (no means of support except SS)..

Many cars are taken away (cos law allows it) but some sentences for repeat offenders are a joke..

So the law effectively condones it...

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Talking to one of the local Traffic Cops - he told me that in a recent ANPR trawl they issued 8 £200.00 fixed penalty tickets. 6 weeks down the line only one had been paid....I suppose they'll get referred back to court and then a Warrant issued for arrest etc. What a depressing waste of time and money.
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i was just reading your message pugugly (p) and why should you and me pay insurance and tax and some people get away with it all the time
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It annoys me that I have to pay over £1000 to insure my diesel powered car due to my age, yet the idiots who drive around in whatever they like without bothering to insure it get fined just £200 each time they are caught.

They'd have to get fined more than 5 times before buying insurance would have been more worthwhile. Add to that the fact I've never been pulled over in the the just over two years since passing my test, and these scum could probably get away with it for years :(

How is that fair?
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They used to send people to prison for having no insurance. Today they don't, it's just a £200 fine. It's a joke!
No wonder it's believed that about 1 in 10 drivers are driving around without any valid cover; must work out cheaper in the long run!
I was unfortunate to have what I was 99.9% certain was an uninsured driver go into the back of me several years ago. Telling plod was a total waste of time; they just didn't want to know.
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Never mind: complain to your MP. He/she will no doubt ask for a new law to be passed.. Remember laws solve everything:-)


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a law about the length of usernames in the Backroom ? Well, I'll give it a try.
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The more speed cameras there are, the more you will get uninsured cars and cars registered to M Mouse etc (and will thus be likely uninsured).
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Earlier this year there was an amnesty for guns?

How about asking our MPs for an amnesty for un-insured cars.

After 3 months - anyone caught driving without insurance - put the car in a crusher and give them a driving ban.

Don't hold your breath - I wrote to my MP this year regarding them giving themselves a 40% pension increase on the day that a local company had laid off 1200 workers and a bust pension fund.

The reply was peurile and self serving - at least in a democracy I will consider his reply at the next election...and cast my vote.


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