battery needed now - pienmash
neone know which make of battery is best for a pug td 405p.s. motoquip is not very good, IMHO ,so dont say that please

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battery needed now - M.M
I would say you need a Motaquip Powercharge Premium.

4yr warranty and well suited to diesel Peugeots.

battery needed now - Civic8
Just quote car/model to suppliers they should give the correct battery for the car.If the battery has a label and says heavy duty then get one depends on the model of motor.being a diesel would make sure it`s heavy duty.don`t be fobbed off with standard battery.could be fatal.
battery needed now - DL
I'd go for Motaquip, too.... Sorry!
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battery needed now - Hawesy1982
Go for a 60Amp one, i posted on another thread that i found BOSCH ones in the GSF catalogue for £43.50. These will be excellent batteries, but you are advised to check prices and availability before going to your nearest shop.
battery needed now - solara
I went for Motaquip last time I was in your position.
No regrets, but only time will tell.
I hear costco are doing good deals on bosch batts, only any good if you are a member and near an outlet.
My previous batts have lasted average 2 years, stretched the last one to 3 years, so a 4 year warranty will come in handy on the Motaquip.
battery needed now - Chas{P}
Motaquip batteries are made by Exide and are decent quality especially the Powercharge Plus 4 year guarantee ones.
battery needed now - NARU
Costco was the cheapest by a long way for my Mondeo. It was a Bosch Silver - the standard one for a 2.0 Mondeo was about £26 incl VAT but I went for the next one up at £31.

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