Loss of power on MK2 Golf - ageofempires
Morning everyone,

I hope you are all well,

I get an intermittent loss of power on my Mark2 Golf that usually happens when it gets hot, after I have been driving for around 20 miles. This morning I pulled over, gunned the throttle a few minutes and it cleared.

Like I say its intermittent and only seems to happen in the morning for some strange reason, for shorter trips its fine.

It has new HT leads and spark plugs - im at a loss where to look next, any ideas?


Loss of power on MK2 Golf - Big Vern
What engine?

Carb icing is a common problem with MKII's. Most people will direct you to change the wax stat, however I would 1st ensure that you are not missing the 'snorkle' the sucks air in from the wing, or the tube that brings hot air in from the exhaust manafold. Also take the vacuum tube that actuates the hot/cold air selector (the box where the snorkle from the wing and the tube from the manafold join before going into the air filter) and suck on it to check that the flap in the selector operates. The flap is hinged on a metal spindle, this spindle can corrode and lock the selector flap. If this is the case, break the selector box apart rub the rust off the spindle and put it back together with a touch of wd40 or the like.

Good luck
Loss of power on MK2 Golf - ageofempires
Hi there,

The engine is a 1.6CL.

If its carb icing then how come it only happens on longer trips? I would have thought that there would be a high enough ambient temperature in the engine bay to stop the carb from icing up?

Loss of power on MK2 Golf - Big Vern
Do a search to find the full technical detail.... summat about the fuel evaporating in the carb which cools it over time causing icing ???

Used to happen on my 89 1.6 Driver on long motorway runs until I sorted the flap spindle and fashioned a new snorkle. Unfortunatly I was advised to change the wax stat before I did my own fault finding and as such replaced a working stat, DOH! more £'s I didn't need to spend at the time.
Loss of power on MK2 Golf - Civic8
Similar probs used to occur with the old morris 1000.strange as it may sound.was actually caused by a jet that had split open as soon as the cold air hit it the jet froze I gather on new carbs you may need to replace I stand corrected if wrong.
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Mech1........no offence but I wish you'd stop repeating the phrase "I stand corrected if wrong" or words to that effect.

It really gets on my pink fluffy dice!
groups.msn.com/honestjohn/problems.msnw?Page=1 - Pictures say a thousand words.....
Loss of power on MK2 Golf - Civic8
Well there are problems that I only sort of give a rough try to help out there are some that know probably you included that do know more than I do that is why I say it./write it.It would be daft of me to say I know better than you or anyone else.I may be a mechanic but am alway`s open to listening.sorry if it offends but.I don`t think for one minute I know it all all way`s learning is my way.forgive spelling never been a strong point.sorry to annoy you
Loss of power on MK2 Golf - dmj 71
I have a similar problem.I have a 1991 1.3 golf.when i start it and the choke is on it ticks over and drives fine,but,when it heats up and the choke comes off it starts ticking over a bit lumpy and has a tendancy to cut out when coming to slowing down at junctions etc.It also now and again feels like its running out of fuel when travelling at a constant slow speed but this only happens intermitantly.
Could this be carb icing?

It has a k+n bolt on filter so i dont have the pre-heat pipe off the manifold that people mention to replace.Should i just run a piece of this pipe towards the carb anyway?

Loss of power on MK2 Golf - Drew20
I would agree with the carb icing theory. Icing can happen at any time but usually on cold damp days, symptoms are gradual loss of power. ie your foot gets closer and closer to the floor but the car keeps getting slower
the engine will eventually stall but if you leave it for five mins the heat of the engine will defrost the carb and you're away again

The pierburg carb has two heating features to prevent icing. It has a flap which diverts air from the exhuast manifold and an electric heater on the fron of the carb.
check that all the air pipes are intact, especially the one that heads from the wing intake down behind the block to the manifold. check that the vac pipes on the air box are attached and no leaks, suck on the pipe heading to the wing intake flap and check you can hear the flap moving.
the heater on the carb is just in front of the main venturi and is a small cylinder with one wire. check for 12v at this wire and check that the carb is earthed, the earth strap is a wire bolted to the rocker cover. check the resistance of the heater is sensible


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