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anyone any experience of these:
ecotek valves? - Dynamic Dave
There are plenty of previous discussions, re: this device. Most, if not all of them negative.

Click on "forum search" where you log in/out and enter 'ecotek' into the subject header.

Here's one to be getting on with:-

ecotek valves? - kithmo
Here's my experience of the Ecotek valve, for what it's worth. I bought one 2 years ago for my Mk4 Vauxhall astra 1.6 16v. It worked very well on that car, attaining a decent 15% to 20% improvement in mpg (both urban and on a run) and it smoothed out the flat spots on acceleration. But when I bought a Mk3 V6 Mondeo last year and fitted it to that, it made no difference whatsoever to the mpg and the engine ran lumpier. I guess it works on some engines and not on others.
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These things cost pence to make so, if they were any good at all, the car makers would be fitting them as original equipment!
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I read the adverts. Then I looked on ebay. Lots for sale secondhand. If it's that good why sell it? (most looked as if they had been used for under 6 months)..

(and at the prices they fetch secondhand I would buy new.. some contradiction there?)


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