Pug 205 locked doors - rooster_lxy
The drivers side door on my Peugeot 205 is unopenable. Operating the lock from the outside seems as normal (it turns fully in both directions) but the lock button inside the door doesn't lift. When inside the car I can't fully lift the button, as if something is jamming its full movement. By partially prising off the internal trim (I can't remove it fully as I haven't got a screwdriver of the correct shape for the screws securing the door handle and door pocket) and peering inside, the link rods between lock barrel and lock button, and whatever these actually activate, look and feel OK. There is nothing obvious dangling around or obviously out of place.

I know a few folk have reported similar problems on this list and I've followed most of the suggested hints, but after a significant amount of fiddling and swearing and lubricating oil I am no nearer getting the door open or understanding what has gone wrong.

Anybody got any ideas.

Pug 205 locked doors - elrikos
hi again!
does the door open and close properly? i had a similar problem (again with girlfriends car!!!) where the door handle linkage had got jammed and wouldn't allow the door to lock/unlock/open or do anything. to get those screws out a flat headed screwdriver can usually be persuaded to undo them. to get the proper tool its a torx driver (cant remember the exact size offhand, think its a t20???).

also is your car central locking? the central locking motors on these cars are prone to wear and could cause that problem. the motor is a cream coloured box inside the door (look for 2 gold coloured bolt heads on the door once you've removed the trim plate. that holds the motor to the door). Try removing the motor and actuating the lock. could be that the motor has jammed and isn't letting you lock or unlock it.

let me know what happens as i tend to spend a fair amount of time inside the door of girlfr's car!!
Pug 205 locked doors - rooster_lxy
Car (of 1990-vintage) doesn't have central locking. Also the door is stuck closed, so I'm banging my shins on the gearstick and my head on the mirror whenever I want to use the car. I've obtained a torx screwdriver from work so will have another shot at the damn thing tonight.

Will keep you posted.
Pug 205 locked doors - Andrew-T
You may be able to get the door trim off with door closed, but even if you do it may be almost as easy to fiddle round the lock with the glass wound right down. Link rod may have come loose from lock barrel?
Pug 205 locked doors - rooster_lxy
Problem solved.

I bought the correct torx screwdriver, completely removed the interior trim, and with the better view that this offered continued to fiddle around inside the door. Nothing appeared out of place. The link rods between both handles (outside & inside) and the door catch mechanism were fine and operated OK. Then, after fiddling for a little while with the link rods between the catch mechanism and both the inside lock button and the lock barrel the problem was solved by pushing upwards the link rod between the lock barrel and the door catch mechanism. The inside lock button popped up and hey-presto the door was openable (hurrah!). I guess I just eventually freed up or dislodged whatever was preventing that part (probably inside) the door catch mechanism from moving freely.

Liberal spraying of everything with 1-in-3 oil and repeated operation of the lock and door and the problem appears to have been solved.

Now I just need to sort out the heater blower.
Pug 205 locked doors - ralphy
If the door goes back to its old tricks, it's because the outside handle gets reluctant to return after being pulled up, due to wear.
I faffed for an hour using a mirror and tiny torch trying to suss this same problem.
To solve it, get a spring and attach it to the inside of the door's exterior handle, and the other end to something that doesn't move inside the door. Then, the spring will pull the handle back to its original position after you've pulled it up.
I used an old spring from a drum brake.

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