i'm amazed - soarer
I am amazed the differences in the quotes that i have had for this car, the worst was from Footman James a Quote of £1503 and the quote i took up £298.30p ! both these are for a limited mileage policy of 5000miles, obviously both have the exact info .
i'm amazed - smokie
Which car is that then?
i'm amazed - PhilW
I think some companies make ridiculous quotes because they don't want your custom. My son (under 25, student) was quoted £3000 for his bog standard Clio - they obviously don't go in for insuring young students! (Except very rich/stupid ones)
i'm amazed - Rob C
Presumably a Lexus Soarer.
"The only sports car to carry the Lexus name", or something like that.
i'm amazed - L'escargot
I think some companies make ridiculous quotes because they don't want
your custom.

Try CIS. For a given set of circumstances (repeat ~ for a given set of circumstances) the premium is the same no matter who you are. No unknown loading factors, everything straightforward and above board. And reasonable premiums to boot. At one time (don't know whether it still applies) if you obtained the form showing the factors that are taken into account you could work out the premium yourself.
L'escargot by name, but not by nature.
i'm amazed - peterb
You're driving a rare Japanese import (they were never sold over here).

Insurers often decide to price themselves out of some markets because:

1. they don't understand it that well (may be the case here as your car is an unusual risk); or
2. they need to rebalance their portfolio.

i'm amazed - Thommo
I too find it very strange and have posted on this subject before.

You would think in 2003 that the insurers would all by using the same risk database and factors and the premiums would be in touching distance of each other but 'taint so. The only answer is ringing around for the best quote.

There's also the renewal scam where your renewal premium is for ten billion squids but if you phone the same insurer as a new customer its 30p and a washer. Don't get me started on that one...
i'm amazed - Mark (RLBS)
Do a search on Risk Profile, I've explained this before.

Its all to do with the risk profile of the chosen portfolio and the desired market as well as the control and balance of policy churn.


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