Yet another problem with my hilux! - owen
Well, i only bought the Hilux on Friday and this is my third post in technical this morning! That'll teach me to go and look at cars in the dark!

Problem: My handbrake doesn't appear to work. I thought it'd be either the shoes were worn (they're not) or the cable needed adjusting. I took it into a local garage this morning to have a quick look at it, and they adjusted the cable as much as possible, but still it's not working. Looking underneath, it appears the reason for this is that the lever sticking out of the back of the drum on which the cable pulls actually hits the leaf spring before it can pull the brakes on.

I've got a feeling that one of the (many) previous owners has at some point replaced the levers off a 2WD hilux, and that these levers are not long enough to clear the leaf spring on a 4WD hilux, which sits quite a bit higher. I am, however, clutching at straws - any help??

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