Parking on Grass - pete2003
Does anyone know whether leaving a car parked on grass for a few months over the winter is bad for it, or any different to keeping it on concrete? I'm particularly worried about the exhaust rusting.

I'd like to know as I am keeping my second car, which I will use only about once per month on my front lawn, while my main car is on my drive.

Thanks in advance for your advice.
Parking on Grass - DL
Either way, the exhaust will corrode be it on grass or concrete.

But, it would be prefereble to park over concrete, less moisture there.

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Parking on Grass - sean

I'd have to say that the winter is a much better time than the summer for parking on grass.

Imagine a red-hot catalytic converter and long grass?

Come back, clutching your ice-cream and pray for a mobile with 999, or is it 911 or 112?
Parking on Grass - DL
Any one of 'em IIRC!

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Parking on Grass - Cliff Pope
It won't harm the car noticeably but it will wreck the lawn.
You will have four muddy depressions and a large rectangle of half-dead lawn.
If you are going to be using the car at all, try and park in a different position each time.
Parking on Grass - DL
.....Assuming you have a large enough lawn!!

-- - Pictures say a thousand words.....
Parking on Grass - Claude
I've left different vehicles parked on grass year after year for several months at a time and never had any problems. genarlly with each wheel on a bit of wood or paving stone to stop the vehicle sinking in.
Parking on Grass - blank
I don't see why parking on grass should be significantly worse for the car than parking anywhere else. But if I were you I would give the car a good (30 miles+) run at least once a fortnight.
Parking on Grass - Civic8
Be more inclined to worry about the corrosion inside the Exhaust
more likely to cause damage than standing. There is a lot of water collected in the exhaust which very often won\'t be cleared, but will be inclined to rust through if not while standing will do when reused. As only standing for that time think you may get away with it.
Parking on Grass - mal
A bit off thread here but has anyone noticed how quite an engine sounds when it is parked on grass, so good advice for any prospective buyer would be to listen to the engine on a hard surface!.
Parking on Grass - pete2003
When starting the car after it being on grass for a coupl of weeks, I've actually noticed a horrible bioling/gurgling sound in the exhaust which begins a couple of min after turning the engine on, then goes away after a couple of miles- This is presumably the condensed moisture boiling away!


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