Glasses guide on the internet. - Andrew Hamilton
At last I can find out for free, values of my vehicles from Glasses guide ( and Parkers guide ( Forget where I read it, I think Which? magazine.

Glasses went back to 1992 for part exchange and retail cars. Parkers does private sale and trade in. back to 1983 cars and vans (I think). I never thought I would be able to see what those dubious traders paid for in Glasses guide!
RE: Glasses guide on the internet. - dafydd tomos
There are some big differences between the two price guides - Glass's seems to indicate a larger margin i.e. 2k between retail and excellent.
I wonder which price guide the trade uses - Glass or CAP ?
RE: Glasses guide on the internet. - Neil
I've been trying to get find the trade price for my wife's car. The North East's auctions and local dealers all gave Glass's values. As the Glass's website says, though, the retail price is the window price exclusive of any discounts or other offers.

One dealer offered less than bottom book guide price in order to claw back some of the discount he offered on our next car.
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'CAP prices are available on'

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