Astra draining the life force...... - turnin' japanese
mate of mine has an old Astra (the j/k shape one)
it seems to be draining the battery

symptoms are that the car runs OK for the first few shortish runs, then will be difficult to start, then the battery light starts coming on after starting, then the car fails to start

he's had a new battery fitted, now a new alternator but the problem has recurred

any thoughts? are we missing something obvious? (no doubt too many 'common faults' to list???) I wondered if there could be another electrical drain somewhere between the runs....
Astra draining the life force...... - DL
Rubber Mounted alternator - is the earth lead from the alternator to the engine sound? Is it actually there? It doesn't sound like it to me.......

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Astra draining the life force...... - Vansboy
Agreed, I'd check the alternator, also.

Astra draining the life force...... - Dynamic Dave
If the earth lead is off the alternator, then the dash warning light doesn't operate - as I found out one evening when I thought it was only the bulb blown in the instrument binacle and would get around to replacing it at the weekend. Unfortunately the battery went flat by Wednesday; at which point I discovered the earth lead broken off it's connecting lug.
Astra draining the life force...... - turnin' japanese
Sounds likely, as the plot thickened this weekend -
...the clutch cable started smoking nicely as this was used by the circuit as the earth return....

Will keep y'all posted.....
Astra draining the life force...... - Dynamic Dave

Check the connections are secure on the battery terminals, and also the chassis and engine earth connections. Also look for obvious things, like the radio, or the boot light remaining on.
Astra draining the life force...... - KevDGill
I did have a problem like this once on a VW Beetle (the original one) where the battery would die if I drove anywhere with too much electrical drain (e.g. lights and wipers - interesting choice to make in a downpour at night....) but if I drove with no drain it would stay alive - just.

Turned out to be a dead regulator. Might be different on modern cars as Beetles have a dynamo rather than an alternator.

I've still got that car rusting away on my parent's driveway. Shame really - wish I could dedicate the time to bring it back to life.

-- Kev


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