MkIV Golf Suspension rattle - CharlieB
Mk4 GTI done 105,000 miles. I get a light "clunking" noise from the suspencion when driving over speedbumps/potholes. Is it likely that the front suspension top mount bushes need replacing? Should I change the springs and shocks or just the shocks as well?
MkIV Golf Suspension rattle - Civic8
May possibly be bottom ball joint`s.could also be in first sign`s of wear the dampers will cause it.and will get worse over a period of time.I`ve no doubt I will be corrected if wrong.let me know
MkIV Golf Suspension rattle - jcfaeecht
My guess would be the anti-roll bar bushes. Had to get them replaced on my golf after 45k miles. Main dealer replaced them at a service and I think I was charged about £36 - fitted price


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