BMW 318i hit and run damage - kal

today I have been the unfortunate vctim of a minor hit and run incident. Som toerag has decided to leave a nice dent on the rear quarter panel of my car. I think it may have been caused by some body reversing into it at say 5-10mph.

Surprisingly the paintwork seems undamaged. Does any body have any idea how this can be repaired and how much and how long it will take to repair.

Thanks in advance for any replies.
BMW 318i hit and run damage - Peter D
Was this in public place if so report it It may have happened ten minutes later and they caught him/her. Was there a camera anywhere. No we can not guess at the cost as we can not eye ball the damage just go to a decent bodyshop and get a quote, it is free after all. Regards Peter
BMW 318i hit and run damage - Dude - {P}
Kal - If the paint work is undamaged, then I suggest you contact Dent Devils, who can (subject to access from the rear of the panel), repair this from £75.00 per panel.

BMW 318i hit and run damage - Dizzy {P}
Is it a smooth dent that can be popped out? If so, you might be able to do it yourself by applying pressure with a pad held against the rear of the dent. The idea of the pad is, of course, to spread the pressure so as to avoid distorting the metal.
BMW 318i hit and run damage - Dynamic Dave
Or alternately tackle it from outside with one of those suction cups that double up as a glass carrier. I once sucessfully removed a dent in my sisters car door with one.

BMW 318i hit and run damage - kal
Thanks for all the replies.



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