M42 - which way round? - Canon Fodder

Which way round the M42 do backroomers recommend when travelling up the M40 to then go on up the M6 to the tundra-like wastes of Lancashire?

I normally go anti-clockwise to M6 Juntion 4 - and it normally takes a mighty long time to get to Hilton Park. Would the clockwise route via the M42 westbound/M5 be worth a try?

That never looks too clever either as you see them all crawling up from the M5 to join the M6 at Spag Bol Junction.

I'll be hitting the top of the M40 about 6.45 p.m.

M42 - which way round? - Wilco {P}
CF - can't provide a definitive answer to this. I've done this plenty of times and tried both ways - and you end up getting stuck big time on both routes. Maybe the toll road (when it opens) will sway it towards the M42 route?
M42 - which way round? - daveyjp
What about M42 to Jcn 9 then A446, A38 then A5 across to the M6 north of Hilton services? I tend to use the A446, A38 route when travelling to and from South Wales as an alternative to the A42/M42, M1, I don't know much about how busy the A5 will be though. The new M6 toll follows this route.
M42 - which way round? - Stargazer {P}
Both equally bad....I have come to prefer the Coventry route, Up the M40, A46(?) M69, M6. I just keep an ear on the traffic news and hope for the best and be prepared to change my route depending on conditions.

Ian L.
M42 - which way round? - Stargazer {P}
Oops, sorry, forget the M69 bit.....that is my alternate for continuing north up the A1(M).

M42 - which way round? - blank
M40, M5. If top of M5 awful, exit at J1 and brive through Wolverhampton to rejoin M6 just S of Hilton Park.

Will not be pleasant, but 90% certain to be better than using the M6

good luck
M42 - which way round? - borasport20
I'll be hitting the top of the M40 about 6.45 p.m.

at which time we shall be heading off from good old Lancs in the opposite direction. We'll give you a wave - probably somwhere near those new services at Stafford ?

as for heading back, i'd usually take the M5 option - you know it's not going to be good, but it's usually a bit better and more predictable than the M6

have a safe trip

Bora - what Bora ?
M42 - which way round? - Canon Fodder

Thanks for all the advice.

I'm not brave enough to try any of the off-motorway detours, night driving on strange roads is something I try to avoid at all costs.

I think I'll give the M5 route a go - a change is as good as a rest!

This will be the last time I'll have to worry as I'll be using the toll road as soon as it opens.

M42 - which way round? - MrWibble
davyjp - just tried A5 last time I was up in Crewe - recommended by guy who commutes from Nottingham daily and it seemed to shave 30 mins off my usual 3hr M40 Handy Cross-M42-M6 time.

Ian L - Assume you are talking about route via Silverstone to M69 - I use that for my trips to Scotch Corner - very good.

Can't wait for bypass opening - just wondering how to pass it as a legit expense though....
M42 - which way round? - Canon Fodder
looks like I won't have to worry about the m6.....


It's to open in 3 phases....

1. open but no access from/to M6 or M42
2. open but no access southbound from M6
3. fully open

I need phase 2, so I'm hopeful for thursday night.

M42 - which way round? - Stargazer {P}
Hmmm.....still have to cope with the M42 between the end of the M40 and the M6, this can be just as bad as the M6 itself

Ian L.

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