Chipping VW Tdi Engines ? - arnold2
Anyone any experience with this ?

I was looking at replacing our New Beetle 1.6 with the Tdi, but VW only does the 100Bhp, which is a bit slow. have a 133bhp upgrade - are these things reliable - that's a 33% power hike !
Chipping VW Tdi Engines ? - oldtoffee
I had a Passat 115bhp chipped (Van Aaken) to 136 so quite a bit less of a power hike. I did 70,000 miles over 2.5 years with the upgrade and nothing went wrong at all with the engine, gearbox or clutch it all seemed and went fine in fact, it transformed the car. I changed the oil and filter every 5,000 miles but would have done anyway with or without the upgrade.
Chipping VW Tdi Engines ? - Craig_1969
I bought a chip off ebay for my 100bhp non pd passat tdi. It was only £150 and boy does it give you extra ooomph. For the price great value for money. I have seen them as cheap as £100 - just found this link which £85.

This isnt the box I bought but looks similar. I have no connection with the vendors nor am I recommending a box nor am I taking the blame when your Tdi blows a gasket!
Chipping VW Tdi Engines ? - Craig_1969
Just noticed you were talking about a Beetle - see
I am sure the beetle is a pd which this is for
Chipping VW Tdi Engines ? - mark999
I can highly reccomend upsolute, having had a VW caravelle TDi
and Merc V-Class chipped.
The upgrade will cost you around £330. The job can be done at your home while you watch.
I chose to have a socket fitted so that the original chip can be put back.

The main benefit iof the upgrade is that with the extra torque
you need to make less gearchanges. Fuel economy has also improved by 1-2 mpg.


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