Mondeo 2002 wind noise - foxbat
My 2002 2.0LX Mondeo Hatch has been excellent since purchase from Ford Direct - but there has always been excessive wind noise around the central pillars which my local Ford garage cannot fix - also I hear rumours of a design fault.
My car has been excellent value - but does anyone have a view on how to fix the noise
Mondeo 2002 wind noise - Aprilia
I have driven rental Mondeos and, yes, there is a fair bit of noise from around the 'B'-post. It is certainly not as quiet a car as the Vectra.

You could try some masking tape to smooth over the door/window gaps to try to narrow down the area where it is coming from and then try to effect a repair. Have you looked at Mondeo TSB's - there might be something there.
Mondeo 2002 wind noise - johnsnc
I would be interested in any solutions to this as well. The wind noise (I had a Vectra before) is the only real negative I have on my 2002 Mondeo TDCI. Otherwise (apart from a failed alternator) I would have to class myself as "thrilled" with the vehicle.
Mondeo 2002 wind noise - brianrh
A friend has a 2003 Mondeo ST220 which had annoying wind noise from the n/s rear door area. When I sat in the back to try to locate the noise it seemed to be from the rear doorseal.

However he complained to the Ford dealer who had it back for a couple of days and cured the problem by, according to the paperwork he saw, refitting the rear quarterlight glass.


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