Disc\'s and Brake pad\'s - VW Bora. - Borafeck
Anyone got any advice with regards to the above, I have a 4yr old VW Bora and have a full service history. Would it be just as cheap to go somewhere else to have them fitted or would I be better going to the likes of Stop & Steer.

Any help would be most gratefull.

Disc's and Brake pad's - VW Bora. - Cyd
'scuse the pun, but steer clear of cheap drive-in places for brakes. Buy the best quality discs and pads you can afford from a motorsport oriented outlet (not just some boy racer outlet).

My Rover 820 Vitesse Sport had Tarox discs on when I bought it and I have since changed to EBC Turbo Groove (cooked the tarox discs - they lasted 50k though) with EBC Greenstuff (soon to be EBC Red Stuff 'cos of the size of the car). Can recommend EBC.

The quality of the steel is paramount in a disc and will determine both the quality of the braking and life of the disc. Like many other things - you gets what you pay for.
Disc's and Brake pad's - VW Bora. - DL
Personally, I would go for a brand-name set from a motor factor, it will be cheaper and quicker to get the parts in the long run.

EBC pads appear (IMO) to be very hard and abrasive on the discs although the lack of pad dust is nice....

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Disc's and Brake pad's - VW Bora. - Cyd

What pad & disc combination were you using? I found that neither the Tarox nor EBC discs wore much when combined with Green Stuffs. This is despite them having to stop a 140+mph 1450Kg car driven with a hefty right foot and hardly renowned for being over braked! The Taroxs lasted 50k (the last 20 with Green Stuffs) and were replaced because I cooked them one night in the lanes.

Although it's very much a generalisation I have found that brake parts sold at factors are sold on price, whereas motorsport competitors (like myself) buy on quality, so hence my suggestion to use a motorsport oriented outlet. If your local factor is different...great.

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