spark plugs - pug_306_xsi_8v
hi could anyone recommend and good set of spark plugs for performance and reliabilty....

thank you
spark plugs - Leon on Derv
I have only ever used Bosch plugs, mainly because I was able to source them for a fraction of the motor factors prices. Unfortunately this does not give me much to compare them against, however I have never had any problems with them.

spark plugs - pug_306_xsi_8v
thanks mate........have you ever heard of splitfire
spark plugs - Peter D
At the normal compression ratios associated with standard cars Splitfire offers you nothing. In fact there have been many compliants of these plugs breking up and the electrode falling into the chamber. Go to Europarts if you have one locally and by Bosch multi point plugs, perform well, keep clean, and will go for 30K plus. Regards Peter
spark plugs - pug_306_xsi_8v
cheers mate i have a k&n induction kit..........what about ngk there any good?
spark plugs - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
I have fitted NGK almost exclusively for the past 17 years. I have NEVER had one fail through it being faulty only when the application was incorrect or the conditions were bad (oil burning etc). I dont think you will go wrong with either Bosch or NGK.

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spark plugs - Sooty Tailpipes
NGK are good, they claim to be the only ones who cold-roll the threads, rather than cutting them, this makes it more or less impossible for them to crossthread or damage the threads in your engine's head.

My Dad bought 8 splitfired for a Range Rover years ago, they looks as though they'd been made by a bunch of file-brandishing Lithuanian Orphans in a UNICEF camp. taken out after a few weeks, due to loss of refinement at idel.
spark plugs - Sooty Tailpipes
Oh dear, sorry about the spelling and poor grammar!
spark plugs - 547HEW
I would doubt the accuracy of the NGK claim that they are the only spark plug manufacturer to cold roll threads. As far as I am aware all volume manufacturers cold roll their threads.

It is often overlooked, but when selecting a diferent make of spark plug care should be taken to ensure a snug fit of the HT lead insulator (rubber boot) on the spark plug insulator. This reduces the chance of flash-over, or tracking out due to dirt ingress. Symptom is misfire.

spark plugs - Dizzy {P}
I was very surprised to read that only NGK cold-roll spark plug threads. However, cold-rolling short lengths of thread is very difficult so it just might be true.

The problem is that a component needing a short thread, especially when it is at one end and against a shoulder, tends to tilt as it passes between the thread-rolls (usually three). Perhaps NGK have a way to support the component to keep it 'square' and others haven't?

Regarding the best spark plugs, this is very difficult to judge as very few, if any, of us change plugs on a frequent basis and so all we can go on is our historical experience. I remember the two-part Lodge plugs but that is going back a bit too far! I also remember Bosch plugs that were easy to snap (many years ago) and I was never happy with the quality of Champion (again a long while ago - perhaps they are OK these days).

When I came across NGK plugs, they had a perceived quality (e.g. electrodes straight, and pre-gapped correctly for most cars) which led me to try them and I haven't had reason to look at anything else since.
spark plugs - Doc
I have used Bosch, Champion, and NGK over many years and have not been able to detect any difference in their performance or life.

spark plugs - frostbite
I started using NGK in the 60's and have always found them utterly reliable.

The fact that I was one of the first accessory shop owners to buy them wholesale @2/6 (12.5p!)each at the time has not influenced my endorsement.
spark plugs - Cyd
Doc has written my reply for me! I only add that this applies to standard engines such as yours (a K&N induction kit DOES NOT constitute a tuned motor). Even in well tuned motors in various rally cars, I've used standard Champion & NGK with few problems (up to CR=12.5). I've never detected any benefit from super-moon-metal-million-sparks plugs in anything other than extremely highly tuned motors. The state of the rest of your ignition system (esp the HT leads) is far more important.
spark plugs - L'escargot
hi could anyone recommend and good set of spark plugs for
performance and reliabilty....
thank you

Can't remember what make they were, but when I had a 306 XSi I had no trouble whatsoever with the plugs recommended by Peugeot. I assume we are talking 306 XSi?
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spark plugs - arnold2
Have a look at iridium plugs - these have greater life and higher performance than Platinum.

If you go to, they can do you a set a very reasonable prices. The NGK ones have longer life, Denso higher performance (claimed). Sticking some NGK's in the New Beetle soon, will let you know if it feels any different !
spark plugs - MW
Over 30 years I have used Bosch and Champion. Never a single problem. Can't detect any difference. I can't see the point in using 'special plugs' when the ordinary are so good. I was told by a home tune-up chap that Bosch gave a better reading on the electronic readings. It may be true. Europarts are great, and do Bosch plugs for £1-£1.50p. At that price change every year or 12,000 miles and all your problems disappear. Do ...
-always screw in by hand for 2/3 turns to avoid cross threading
-check the factory gap
-I put a tiny smear of copper paste on the thread to avoid sticking in an alloy head.
Plugs in my experience are the least problematic parts of the modern car.
spark plugs - Sooty Tailpipes
For info:
Q: Should I use "never-seize" compound on the threads?

A: Not with NGK Spark Plugs. Our spark plugs are manufactured with a cold rolled thread, ensuring smooth, burr-free threads that are safe and will not cut new threads, even on aluminum cylinder heads.
Many other spark plug companies still use machine-cut threads, and the burrs and sharpness of these threads can cause cylinder head damage. With spark plug brands other than NGK, the use of never-seize is probably a good idea. Be sure not to get any of this coating on the spark plug's firing tip, or it will not

I have felt these on BOSCH Super 4s.

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