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Late model Astras in particular. Does anyone know if changing the factory fit radio for an aftermarket unit would affect the time and temp readout on the seperate dash display?. I would like to get a CD player for my wife's car, but the cost of Vauxhall CD players easily exceeds that of high-end aftermarket units. Even used Vauxhall units on Ebay are priced higher than new well known aftermarket brands. While she would like a CD player I know she wouldn't like to lose the temp display or find that the ominous screen on her dash is now useless.
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You could buy CD units which were connected to the existing audio using the aerial.

You then set-up an FM preset on the existing radio which was the frequency of the CD - a colleague had one which worked fine.

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I came accross a CDR500 out of a Vauxhall on Ebay last night. Genuine set, supplied with code. Its highest bid at that point was £70 with a few days left.
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i think when you write 'cd units' you mean autochangers? if so yes, I fitted one to my P reg corsa about a year ago and have been very pleased with it. It is a 10 disc unit Sony 444 RF. It cost me £220 supply only. It was a bit of a fiddle setting it up - you need to search for an FM frequency that does not clash with an existing strong signal in your area. I found it a bit tricky positioning the changer control to make it visible but also neat/unobtrusive

Having read some web reviews the purists turn their noses up at the RF theory saying it causes distortion etc. I have not suffered this at all. I know for £220 i could have bought a new CD/tuner + changer but I would have lost the dash top display and the OE bit.

Good Luck
Vauxhall car radios - trancer
I meant the actually radio bit in the dash. I have considered adding a changer but I find the remotes unsightly when mounted and a bit fiddly to operate when left loose. It also brings up one of the negative points about aftermaket radios which is attractive to thieves. As you mentioned the price also approaches that of a new Vx radio.
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The usual effect is that time and temp displays are unaffected by aftermarket units, but if the radio doesn't drive the in-dash display the date blanks out when the radio is on. Have you checked the VDO Dayton units Vx offer, as an alternative to the 'standard' units? Also check with a specialist outlet for other units compatible with the VX dash display.

Personally I like the relative simplicity of the original radio units in many cars (not just Vx), compared to most of the button obsessed garish units available on the aftermarket.


John S
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I agree the sleek simplicity of the manufacturer's own unit is preferable. Have you seen Vauxhall brochure for the VDO CD 441 XED CD player? Brochure available from the dealer. Was £180 (which I know is a bit over the £100 Halfords specials) but I think the prices have now dropped. This will work with your remote display & steering wheel controls plus you keep the auto time update you lose with after-market units.
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If you change the radio, the clock/date/temp display will still work. It will behave as if the radio is switched off as because as far as the display is concerned it will be. You will however have to switch off the auto time update as there will no longer be an RDS signal from the radio. The manual will tell you how to do this. If unsure, come back & I'll post the instructions.
Vauxhall car radios - trancer
Thanks for all the advice. A Vauxhall radio would be preferred for all the reasons listed above, but not at the prices I am seeing for them.

That £70 one on Ebay won't go at that price. I have been watching them for a while and they all fetch in excess of £100, some even going for more than the £110 "buy it now"s. This is for a used radio, mind you, with no warranty and questionable origins.

With that in mind it is easy to see why I am tempted by an aftermarket unit. JVC, Panasonic, Kenwood etc, can be had for £70-£100 (I would install myself)with a brand new warranty and aftersales support. The drawbacks have been listed, and I do agree with some of them, as well as adding my own.

If I could get a new Vx unit for a similar price I wouldn't hesitate so I will have to do some more research on the Vx VDO unit mentioned.
Vauxhall car radios - Dynamic Dave
IIRC, Kenwood used to manufacture a headunit that would use the existing Vauxhall display. Not sure if still produced or not though. If I find the details, I'll post again.
Vauxhall car radios - trancer
Result!!!. Thanks to John S and Victorbox's leads on aftermarket Vx compatible VDO units, I may have found what I am looking for. The VDO 441 XED mentioned was a bit pricey at £180, but further searching turned up a VDO CD 136 at £120 which is much more acceptable. A quick trip to the local dealer tomorrow should answer questions about retaining dash display and with any luck the number 1 position on my Christmas shopping list can be taken care of.
Vauxhall car radios - Andy P
In a similar vein to the initial question, the current trend towards "unique" fitting and separate dashboard displays could eventually make ICE a dealer-only option, as how many of the major ICE manufacturers are going to make models for every car under the sun. Also, removing these "unique" units doesn't appear to be an easy task. At the end of the day, the use of RF modulation may be the only option for aftermarket equipment.


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