Range Rover 96 4.6 HSE LPG - Craig_1969
There are some decent examples of this 4x4 around at the moment for £10k mark or less, but with 100k plus mileage. Half of me says leave it you fool, and the other half says go for it you will love it.

No end of things to go wrong, and a worrying number have new engines at 60k.

Can anyone provide me with ownership feedback.

Range Rover 96 4.6 HSE LPG - DenisO
We have a '97 one, not LPG, and have had it for 4 years. Bought it from a main dealer on 49k miles and apart from normal servicing the only incremental cost was a new Air Con compressor, and that's in nearly 50k miles.
Everything still works perfectly so I don't know where all these stories about all this electrical equipment going wrong comes from.
My advice is to get one with full LR dealer or well known specialist service history and your only concern then will be how much petrol your putting in. Of course, with LPG you don't have that problem.
The engine problem, that can require replacement, is to do with porous cylinder liners and is not as common as we are led to believe. My local independant has done 3 in the last 5 years which is probably less than 1%.
Go buy one Craig and put a smile back on your face.
Range Rover 96 4.6 HSE LPG - PhilW
Presume you have looked in HJ's Car by Car Breakdown?
Link in brown panel top left or
Range Rover 96 4.6 HSE LPG - Craig_1969
No I hadn't - its an excellent resource though, many thanks HJ!
Range Rover 96 4.6 HSE LPG - ian
Likewise, go for it. I've just bought a 98 4.6 HSE from the Brightwells Auction in Leominster. Full LRSH, 70K miles. So far so good. Yes they are thirsty, but if your mileage is not huge then it is not the end of the world. Most cars have complex multiplex electronics nowadays. People think a 7 series BMW is more complex and expensive to maintain than a 3 series but in reality a fully loaded 330 has as much digital kit as a 740.

I feel the reliability issue is overdone as well, and it is one of those cars where this is a lot of info/support on the net,plus a healthy range of independent garages. I would recommend Brightwells as a place to bag a straight from the dealer (because too old/too many miles) one owner car.


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