methanol antifreeze - mark495
does anyone know why MEG antifreeze replaced Methanol as the standard product?
methanol antifreeze - nick
Methanol evaporates so the concentration of the solutiona nd thus the protection drops too. MEG doesn't.
methanol antifreeze - Sooty Tailpipes
Methanol also corrodes aluminium.
methanol antifreeze - mark495
is meg more toxic?
methanol antifreeze - Mondaywoe
I only once used Methanol antifreeze - Holts, on a 1970s Hillman Hunter with iron block and alloy head. The head gasket blew within minutes of changing the coolant. Maybe it was just a minor leak waiting for a flush to blow it wide open, but I never used cheap antifreeze again.

On Renaults I always used their own pre-mixed stuff (Ethylene Glycol with distilled water) On the Xantia Bluecol. C5 hasn't had a change yet, but will probably go for the proper Cit 'Antigel' Just read some of the sob stories about heater matrixes etc - not worth the hassle.


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